People Are Sharing Their Most Unusual Hobbies (30 Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Photography, playing guitar, riding bicycles – most of us have at least some sort of hobby that we like to spend our spare time on. But it turns out that not all of them are created equal, and some people’s hobbies are a little bit more unusual than others.

People online are sharing the most unique and odd hobbies they have, and some of them might leave you surprised. From building telescopes to collecting egg-shaped rocks, check out the most unusual hobbies that people have in the gallery below!

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#1 I’m 17 Years Old And Just Finished Building This 14.7″ F/2.89 Newtonian Reflector Telescope. Despite Its Stubby Size It Collects Roughly 2500 Times More Light Than The Human Eye And Is Bigger Than The Scope At My Local Observatory

Image source:

#2 My Grandpa Recently Passed, So My Aunts Got My Grandma Some Art Supplies In Hopes That A Hobby Would Help Ease The Loneliness. I Never Knew My Grandma Was So Artistic. Even At 85, She Doesn’t Cease To Amaze Me

Image source: nutty333

#3 My Dad Is 52 Y/O And His Hobby Is Making These Weird Heads? He Doesn’t Think They’re Any Good But Considering He Makes Them From Scratch I Think They’re Amazing!

Image source:

#4 This Is German Retiree Paul Sperber, Aged 78. He Has Been Building A Model City Out Of Paper For Almost 65 Years

Image source:  amalfomat

#5 I Tried Painting On Strollers. I Held My First Experiment On My Friend’s Stroller. Everyone Was Happy With The Result

#6 I’m Painting A Collection Of Memes. Here’s The Progress So Far

Image source:

#7 My Dad Used To Get So Mad Every Time My Mom Would Come Home With A New Coffee Mug (She Likes To Collect Them) And Her New Boyfriend Literally Built Her A Wall To Display Her Collection

Image source:

#8 I Breed Butterflies. I Ordered 15 Caterpillars On The Internet. I Was Feeding Them And Cleaning Their Little Aviary. Today I Got The First Result: One Of The Butterflies Hatched!

#9 A Year Ago, I Started Staying In And Peircing State Quarters, Instead Of Going Out And Getting In Trouble. Here Is My Collection So Far

Image source:

#10 I Like To Build Metal Miniatures

Image source:  RowdyMcMenace

#11 New Favorite Hobby: Photoshopping My Cat Into Movie Posters And Setting Them As My Fiance’s Phone Background

Image source:

#12 My Mom Started A New Hobby It’s Jello Art And Completely Edible

Image source:

#13 It Took Me A Bit More Than A Year, 2 Weeks Of Which I Was Assembling The Base And Putting The Sails On During The Last Month. 900 Details And Hundreds Of Threads And Knots!

#14 I Photoshop Animals Into Random Things As A Hobby. This Is One Of My Favourite Pieces

Image source:

#15 My New Hobby

Image source:  Mihamix

#16 My Growing Collection Of Pokemon I’ve Built Out Of LEGO

Image source:

#17 Started By Buying A Few Advertising Rulers Here And There

Image source: Hillary London

I started by buying a few advertising rulers here and there; yard sales, eBay, and the occasional antiques store when they weren’t charging $20/stick. I figured that I would use them as wainscoting in a small room once I found my forever home. People would give them to me as gifts around the holidays. Two homes later, there was some very boring pine paneling and needed something. I still have about 100 yardsticks left. Maybe for a vacation house some day

#18 Lamps My Dad Made

Image source:  edo3

#19 Loved Miniatures Since Childhood, Have Recently Taken It On As A Regular Hobby

Image source: Vanqu7sh

#20 Steampunk Jewellery Hobby

Image source: Wokkijabber

#21 New Hobby: Encasing Things In Resin

Image source:  Quitter

#22 I Weave Chainmaille As A Hobby. I Usually Make Dice Bags, But This Is My First Shirt!

Image source: OmegaMangos

#23 I Collect Rocks That Look Like Eggs

Image source:

#24 My Father Carves Pokemons As A Hobby

Image source:

#25 In The Wake Of Covid-19, I’d Just Like To Say To All Those People Who Poked Fun At Me For Having Such A Weird Hobby: Look Who’s Laughing Now!

Image source:

#26 I Work For A Corporate Restaurant At The Moment. I Hated Not Being Able To Get Creative So I Started A New Hobby A Couple Of Weeks Ago

Image source:  BasketofTits

#27 It All Started With A Visit To A Kids’ Store With My Daughter. I Came Across The Usual Plasticine And Bought It. Mixed Several Colors And Started To Build. The Whole Process Took 1 Month

#28 I Made A Shark Out Of My Shark Tooth Collection

Image source:

#29 I Build Guitars For A Hobby. Here’s My Favourite Build

Image source:

#30 I Don’t Care If It’s For The Geekiest Hobby Ever, From Today I Can Now Brag That I’m A Cover Girl

Image source: Andromeda321

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