20 People Reveal What Happened To The Class Bully

Published 8 months ago

Bullying can be done physically, emotionally or verbally and it’s a terrible behaviour that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. While the bullied person may go through many cycles of anxiety and depression as a result of the experience, even the perpetrator suffers certain consequences as a result of their actions. In fact, many bullies may turn to drugs and other nefarious activities that are harmful to them as kids or adults. 

One Redditor got curious as to what happened to these childhood bullies and inquired from community members on the platform, how and where their class bully ended up. The post soon went viral with 14,400 comments from which we’ve selected the most upvoted to share with you in the gallery below. 

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She did an insane amount of growing up during college, including having to uproot her whole life to care for her family after her mom died suddenly. She reached out to me and others I know personally and directly addressed the bullying. We went out to lunch (she bought) and she was incredibly honest. Apologizing and acknowledging what she did and why it was wrong. She’s now running a successful animal rescue organization with her long-term boyfriend and I wish her nothing but happiness.

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Mine always Bullied everyone who wasn’t a football player, jock, or “cowboy” he honed in on me because I was a nerd and more feminine. Turns out he had major major regrets about everything and at his last class reunion (he was two years ahead of me) he tried apologizing to people and a lot of people wouldn’t forgive him for what he did. A lot of it was borderline charges should have been filed type stuff, he made a couple kids s*icidal. Well after a lot of people wouldn’t take his apology I guess he went into a major depression and ended up hanging himself and left a letter stating that he hated who he was, and how he treated people and the pain he inflicted on everyone and that he couldn’t live with himself anymore. The really sad thing is I did run into him not too long before this and he did apologize to me (which I’m surprised he recognized me because I am female presenting now) and I accepted it and told him I didn’t hold anything against him. He really seemed sincere and that he changed. But I understand how some couldn’t forgive the trespasses he made upon them. Sad all the way around. This is why everyone just needs to be nice to everyone, even if you don’t like them, like what they do, or whatever. These stories always end in unnecessary sadness or end of life

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He was killed shortly after being released from prison. He apparently had a beef with someone and went to their house with a gun, kicked in their front door, and was immediately shot and killed.

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Full ride scholarship through football to a D1 college, scouted by an NFL team in high school, just had to make it 4 years in college. Sexually assaulted a girl at the college, went on the run, had several warrants, got into an argument back in hometown that led to firearm discharge, and now he’s in prison.

Image source: MCJOHNS117, Philip Jang


After years and years of being bullied in middle and high school by one particular guy. I took my dad’s lawnmower in to get serviced and look who we have here. Good ol racist f**k boy Shaun walks up to the counter covered in dirt and oil and sweat. He immediately knew who I was. Funny thing is I hated this dude for so long, I even had a vision on snatching him by his shirt over the counter and beating his face into the ground( I was skinny skater punk now)

Nothing was said between us during that interaction other than the services I needed When I went to go pick the lawn mower up a week later he asked me to step outside. In my mind, I’m thinking this is it, I’m going pumble this dude. He lit up a cigarette and for about 15 minutes, apologized for how he treated me in middle school and high school. He told me about how he was brought up and he’s never been as tough as he came up.

After high school he went in the military and was forced to work with other races. He even explained that his hatred towards people that weren’t white faded away bc of the Marines. He said he had been f****d over more by his own race then others and started to think about his ideology. He is a humble guy now, with regret, but is man enough to admit his faults. We shook hands and even hugged. I haven’t seen him in about 10 years but, if I do see him again I still shake his hand.

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I just looked him up! He makes Youtube videos for ‘work’ in the vein of Andrew Tate. He has 212 subscribers and lives in his mom’s house (recognized it from the vids)

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Dead. He abused his girlfriend one time too many, she emptied a clip.

Image source: SPLooooosh


1 died, trying to bully a big tree while driving 50mph, the tree wasn’t impressed and decided to bully him back by not moving out of the way just before the bully attempt.

I’d like to hug the tree but i don’t know exactly where it happened…

Image source: Upstairs-Ad1795, Jaromír Kavan



So my bully was a guy, I’m a chic, and he was RELENTLESS. From kindergarten through middle school. Peaked in middle school. He would stick his leg out and trip me when I would walk by then laugh. C**p like that. He annoyed everyone. Imposed on your personal space. Would tell lots about me to others so they would not like me. It really bothered me deeply bc I could not understand what I had done to have someone so adamant about humiliating and hurting me. Publicly.

Well. After middle school he disappeared to some other school and I slowly repressed it all and forgot of him in my active thoughts.

Then I get my first apartment with a friend and a real job and going to college. I’m sitting on my new couch in my new place watching to catch a predator. Like every one did back then.

“Next up on to catch a predator: “ and I hear his name. I hear that jerk offs name. AND THERE HE IS WALKING IN TO MEET AN UNDERAGE GIRL HE HAS VERRRRY DISGUSTING TEXT CONVOS WITH. I could not believe it. I stood up and screamed aloud. I felt so, vindicated for the feelings of hatred and inability to forgive him as a younger girl.

Justice served!

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I saw him rush the field at an NFL game and get arrested. Good times!

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He still takes my money to this day!

However, he does pull a good pint so It’s all good.

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The kid who used to beat me up every day in third grade I heard crashed a motorcycle and lost both his testicles. So he’s got that going for him, which is not nice.

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Used his fathers money to spend 7 years on the other side of the world to complete a 5-year masters degree. Downright slob and a dirtbag who was way more concerned about partying and living large than accomplishing anything in life.

But the plot twist was that his father only would pay for him when he was a student, so when he landed his first job, a basic entry-level position, and had to pay bills and answer to a superior, he was hit hard in the nuts by reality. Instead of lashing out or coping by drinking, he just went “time to learn about life and to become a responsible adult”.

Now he has a manager role that pays 75k and lives in a modest apartment, and is one of the nicest, most inclusive guys I know who has no issues admitting his past mistakes and apologize for his behaviour.

People can change.

Image source: blastmanager, Andrea Piacquadio


I had a fair number of bulliesin high school which was over 25 years ago so I am well past that. One of them several years ago sent me a facebook friend request. I messaged him back and said…”You made the time we were in high school together hell (he was a couple years ahead of me in school), why do you think I would want to friend you?” His response was “If you are still holding onto that you have problems.” Which I replied with “No I dont have problems because I cut a******s like you out of my life.” and then I blocked him.

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She’s a labour and delivery nurse. And she hasn’t changed. I deliberately chose a different hospital than the one she works in when I was pregnant.

Image source: LordyIHopeThereIsPie, JESHOOTS.COM


I saw him walking in front of my family’s house (certain he was passing by) while I was playing with my daughter and her cousins. He gave me a little wave and I thought I just wave back to be nice.

He messaged me later on Facebook and said he’s glad I’m doing better than him. Long story short, he told me his ex wife and him are having a serious custody battle with their kid and recently got a DUI which got him in a deeper hole. He basically said don’t end up like him.

As much as I hope he gets better, karma really is a b***h

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Didn’t realize just how bad his home life was. His father is a terrible human being and a criminal. He and his mom were waiting until he turned 18 to both get out. When we bumped into each other later he apologized for being a jerk. He’s changed his name, got married to a lovely person, and finished grad school now. We occasionally talk and keep up on social media. I’m really happy for him.

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He’s selling mobility scooters and supporting his stepchildren.

He was abused at home, and I was an easy target. Back then I fantasised about murdering him, now I appreciate that he was crying out for help. I’m never going to be best friends with him, but I’d shake his hand and wish him well any day.

Image source: GrinerIHaha


In jail for strangling his girlfriend. Thankfully she survived.

Image source: Old_Snow3086, RDNE Stock project


He died the summer after graduating high school. Mixed too many drugs and alcohol at a party. Very sad for his younger brother who was a great person despite his brother.

Image source: GelNo, Aleks Magnusson

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