‘Trippin Through Time’: 25 Funny Classical Art Memes

Published 7 months ago

Olden-day art is often somber but when it’s combined with some modern-day humour, the results can be hilariously funny. One subreddit ‘Trippin Through Time‘, is a collection of classical timeless pieces of artwork that have been cleverly turned into memes through a funny comment that gives it a hilarious twist. 

Scroll below to check out some of the best posts shared by the community where these original paintings have been repurposed into relatable, funny and witty memes that are an absolute delight. 

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#1 Thats A Valid Question

Image source: Caricsy

Pat Head: Classical art shattering the 4th wall. Love it.

#2 A Worthwhile Outing

Image source: Lily-Gordon

#3 George Would Soon Find Out That Anne Was Reaching For Ctrl+alt+del

Image source: GonWithTheNen

#4 /U/Spez Right Now

Image source: St0pX

Zaphod: It’s me, hi I’m the problem, it’s me.

#5 Can’t Lose If You Ain’t Playing The Game

Image source: Scaulbylausis

#6 Not Again

Image source: thiccgogy

#7 Well, If You Insist.

Image source: Brassballs1976

#8 Got Any Plans This Weekend?

Image source: xyzerb

#9 Laundry Day

Image source: mistermajik2000

Elio: This painting knows things about me. Scary.

#10 Girl, He’s Not Worth It

Image source: nick9000

#11 Escape Room

Image source: Kzero01

#12 I’ll Brb Guys

Image source: feelingood41

#13 Perhaps.

Image source: private_spectacle

Stephanie A Mutti: When I’m feeling delightfully pretentious, I enjoy using a good “mayhap”

#14 You What?

Image source: Elrivee

#15 Meirl

Image source: -badly_packed_kebab-

JoyfulZebra: What the heck is going on in the lower left painting??

#16 The Last Straw

Image source: Kzero01

#17 Displaced Aggression

Image source: feelingood41

Charlotte A.: Looks like the pets are drunk, too.

#18 Real Planets Have Curves

Image source: xyzerb

#19 Pronouncing It Wrong Because I Only Read It In A Book

Image source: jolieflamme

#20 Meirl

Image source: -badly_packed_kebab-

#21 Back From Maternity Leave

Image source: mistermajik2000

#22 Bless You, And Bless Me

Image source: Murba

The Original Bruno (edited): LOL, Seriously, what a*****e painted this? That’s just RUDE!

#23 Post-Coital Diss

Image source: -badly_packed_kebab-

#24 Relationship Advice

Image source: mistermajik2000

Panda Kicki (edited): They had very different raspberries back then.. And where does the centaur poop? 😱

#25 The Nightmare

Image source: Fluid_Ad3542


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