Artist Turns His Morning Coffee Leftovers Into Beautiful Leaf Paintings

Published 9 years ago

If making coffee is an art, can making art out of coffee be considered meta-art? Ghidaq al-Nizar keeps painting on leaves with coffee. Dipping the brush in a cup of joe, he draws landscapes and animals and fantasy scenarios. Painting on leaves makes it unique – however, he also makes art on plates and paper. Basically, al-Nizar goes anywhere where coffee does.

Ghidaq al-Nizar comes from Sumedang, Indonesia. A big coffee-lover, he was inspired to do art when he received a latte Rosetta, and was bored with the pattern. Al-Nizar started with latte art, but eventually added coffee grounds to his art, too, as #zerowastecoffee.

If you want to see some accidental coffee art, click here.

More info: facebook | instagram (h/t: mymodernmet)

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