30 Random Photos That Might Confuse You For A Moment, Shared By This Online Community

Published 1 year ago

Have you ever come across something that made you look twice? Our eyes sometimes like to play tricks on us, and sometimes occasional coincidences surprise us too.

Today we have prepared you a collection of accidental optical illusions from the r/mildly interesting subreddit that will leave you amazed. Check out some of the most interesting ones in the gallery below.

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#1 These Fishnet Stockings Made From The Table’s Shadow

Image source: Nicky-Al-Dente

#2 This Pot I Was Letting Soak Formed A Yin Yang In The Grease And Soap

Image source: call_it_sleep

#3 The Mushroom On This Dog’s Snoot Looks Like An Upvote

Image source: PaperTronics

#4 This Agate That Looks Like A Wildfire

Image source: Magnetron85

#5 The Way The Sunlight Reflects Off My Vase Makes It Look Like Smoke

Image source: SimpleSpyder

#6 The Way The Light Shines Through The Bookcase Makes A Cityscape Shadow

Image source: Mitchdavismann

#7 I Present To You The Rare And Wonderful Dogtopus

Image source: lospolloshermanas

#8 Pen Made Of Recycled Water Bottles Casts A Shadow Of A Water Bottle

Image source: Tyler__Harris

#9 The Colors In This Piece Of Agate Look Like A Sunset

Image source: forged_elements

#10 The Inside Of My Red Onion Looks Like A Lotus Flower

Image source: Ban_Pending

#11 My Friend’s Snake Has The Superman Logo Naturally Emblazoned On Its Skin

Image source: backdoorwolf

#12 Sunlight Through This Fountain Looks Like It Is Pouring Lava – l’Aquila, Italy

Image source: daenel

#13 This Onion Ring Shaped Like A Perfect Treble Clef

Image source: childofthemoose

#14 Shadow Follows

Image source: easymichelle

#15 Coco Biting On A Toy Lightsaber, Looks Like He’s Shooting His Laser Beam

Image source: cokeplusmentos

#16 Pineapple?

Image source: heraldedplaying

#17 This Frozen Puddle Looks Like A Topographic Map

Image source: kmgenius

#18 The Shadow From This Plant Makes It Look Like There’s A Decal On My Friend’s Car

Image source: fidlarla

#19 Frozen Feature Shaped Like A Mushroom

Image source: pete_ohara, instagram.com

#20 This Bubble In A Frozen-Over Ice Fishing Hole Looks Like The Moon Rising Over A Forest

Image source: JephriB

#21 My Blinds Reflection Looks Like Lunar Phases On My Wall

Image source: spaniard702

#22 The Sunset Lighting Makes It Look Like Firebreath

Image source: PoonSwoggle

#23 My Cat’s Shadow Is Actually My Other Cat

Image source: IAMGodAMAA

#24 My SO’s Mother Has Cutting Boards That Look Like Books When They’re Put Away

Image source: mosoriaa

#25 This Perfect Heart Shaped Cactus I Found

Image source: ArgentinaMalvina

#26 These Opals Look Like Mini-Hatching Dragon Eggs

Image source: smm2194

#27 Looks Like They’re Flying To The Moon

Image source: weII_then

#28 Freezing Rain On Tree Branches Look Like Blood Vessels

Image source: grafxguy1

#29 A Moth On My Mini Buddha Statue Makes It Look Like Buddha’s Wearing A Coat Or Cape

Image source: ScruffyTree

#30 Cat 3000 Heat Radiator

Image source: avantgardecats

Saumya Ratan

Saumya is an explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming. With her knack for art, design, photography, fun trivia, and internet humor, she takes you on a journey through the lighter side of pop culture.

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