12 Times This Photographer Colorized Old Historic Photos And Brought Them Back To Life

Published 1 year ago

Old black and white photographs have a charm that is unmatched. However, some folks like to enhance that charm by retouching those historical pics and breathing new life into those moments by adding a splash of color. A professional photographer and retoucher who goes by the name “Nedim Photography” loves restoring and colorizing vintage photos.

The photographer says on Bored Panda, “I am passionate about what I do! Whether you want a beautiful portrait of your children, family, pet, an event or wedding photographer, a high school senior portrait photographer, or just a great business headshot, you can contact me.” Scroll below to see some of his wonderful works, and if you wish to reach out to him, follow the links below.

More info: Facebook | Instagram | nedimphotography.com

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#1 Vikki Dougan Turns A Few Heads In 1957

Image source: Nedim Photography

#2 The Cigarette Industry Began A Strong Marketing Campaign Geared Toward Women Beginning In The 1920s In The United States

Image source: Nedim Photography

#3 A Dapper Group On Their Way To Church, Chicago 1940

Image source: Nedim Photography

#4 Country Store On A Dirt Road, July 1939, Gordonton, North Carolina

Image source: Nedim Photography | Photograph by Dorothea Lange

#5 Family Going On A Trip, Late 1940’s

Image source: Nedim Photography

#6 Centerville, California. This Youngster Is Awaiting An Evacuation Bus. Evacuees Of Japanese Ancestry Will Be Housed In War Relocation Authority Centers For The Duration

Image source: Nedim Photography

#7 Young Mill Workers In Massachusetts, 1911. Back When There Were No Big Labor Regulations

Image source: Nedim Photography

“The Black and white photo was poor quality but I did the best I could.”

#8 Sam Snead Plays A Practice Round Barefoot. Snead Was Known For Incredible Athleticism, A Silky Swing, And Homespun Wisdom

Image source: Nedim Photography

#9 Couple With The Buick, California, 1930

Image source: Nedim Photography

#10 Hayward, California. Members Of The Mochida Family Awaiting The Evacuation Bus. Identification Tags Are Used To Aid In Keeping The Family Unit Intact During All Phases Of Evacuation

Image source: Nedim Photography

#11 Spacelander Was The Bicycle Of The Future, 1946-1960

Image source: Nedim Photography

#12 Vintage Bathing Suits, Funny Boys Flexing Muscles On The Beach. Swimsuit Print, 1950’s Vintage Photo

Image source: Nedim Photography

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