35 Rarely-Seen Pics Of Common Things That Might Change The Way You See The World

Published 8 months ago

In our everyday lives, we often overlook the extraordinary beauty and complexity that hides beneath the surface of common objects and occurrences. Thanks to the power of photography and the keen eye of photographers, we have the privilege of discovering the rarely seen side of common things.

Today, we’ve collected some remarkable images that will take you on a journey of exploration and appreciation for the hidden wonders that surround us. Check them out in the gallery below.

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#1 Ever Wonder What The Top Of Everest Looks Like?

Image source: derschwigg

Untethered Universe : “Gross. That’s what it looks like. Humans are filthy”

Sczoo : “Wow to the curvature of the earth and wow to the mess left up there by mankind”

#2 A Mature Hedge Cut In Half

Image source: Paul Debois

#3 What Hundreds Of Crows Roosting In The Snow At Night Looks Like

Image source: ClimbinInYoWindow

Mark : “Nature has reverse dandruff”

#4 If You’ve Ever Wondered What The Back Of A Bowling Alley Looks Like Here Ya Go! (I’m A Bowling Alley Mechanic)

Image source: buffaloesafterdark

Mark : “Life goals updated. Be a bowling alley mechanic”

#5 This Is How A Cyclist’s Legs Look After The Tour De France

Image source: p.poljanski

CrunChewy McSandybutt : “One papercut and he’s dead.”

#6 Have You Ever Wondered What A CT Scanner Looks Like Without The Cover On It

Image source: Adderall

Strawberry Pizza : “That is terrifying, keep the cover on pls and thank you”

#7 This Is What A Tumbleweed Looks Like Before It Dies And Roams The Land

Image source: doctor_recommended

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “Poor things. By the time they get to travel, they’re too dead to enjoy it.”

Pooka : “I prefer them being stationary death traps versus the giant, rolling death traps they usually are. These things can get huge!”

#8 Firework Shell

Image source: dittidot

Dahamada Jamawas : “Respect for the guy who had the guts to take a saw and cut that thing in half”

#9 I Can’t Believe This Is How Brussels Sprouts Grow

Image source: loulan

Dahamada Jamawas : “So what did you thought? They were laid by ugly chicken?”

#10 This Is A Photo NASA Took Of A Space Shuttle Leaving Our Atmosphere

Image source: bucsboy246

Strawberry Pizza : “Looks like a red-hot needle coming through a fluffy carpet to me”

#11 Tortoises Have The Weirdest Looking Skeletons

Image source: CPhotoshopper

David A Paterson : “Puffer fish have the weirdest looking skeletons. Tortoises have the second weirdest looking skeletons.”

#12 Artichokes Are Flowers, Here Is What They Look Like If Not Harvested For Consumption

Image source: saladbars

censorshipsucks : “thistle family.”

#13 Ever Wondered What A Blue Whale’s Blowhole Looks Like?

Image source: FrozenFoodGuy

Karl : “Some big old nostrils. Shows that a good bit of anatomical design works just as well scaled up.”

#14 The Inside Of This Guitar Looks Like An Apartment I Can’t Afford

Image source: OsamaBinBob

Hang Out On Clouds : “That is the inside of a guitar I can’t afford”

Uncanny : “Looks like the foyer of a posh theatre.”

#15 Looking Into A Theatre From Behind The Stage

Image source: kiaall

ADHORTATOR : “The Opera houses in Vienna and Budapest have stages which are 50 m deep…”

#16 Inside Of The Golf Balls

Hokuloa : “I cut one open in the 80s and at that time they made ones that were essentially like a rubber band ball for a core, but with one continuous band. Fun to unravel and play with.”

#17 The Blood Vessels Of A Hand

Darth Kittius : “And yet, phlebotomists never seem to be able to draw blood from me, smh. /lh”

#18 This Is How Brick Streets Are Laid In The Netherlands

Image source: lordsleepyhead

#19 This Is What The Underside Of A Lilly Pad Looks Like

Image source: HOTBREADSY

#20 Inside Of The Vault Door At The Bank I Work At. Beautiful Engineering From 1800s

Image source: HobieSnacks

#21 This Is What The Traffic Control Room Looks Like In Beijing

Image source: ThatsJustYourOpinionMan

#22 This Is What Space Mountain Looks Like With The Lights On

Image source: chrono1465

#23 So Apparently A 9 Volt Battery Is 6 AAA Batteries Taped Together

Image source: Homeslice619

#24 Pearls

Image source: thegodofbigthings

#25 A Rare Chance To Grasp The Size Of An Offshore Wind Turbine Blade

Image source: larapooh

#26 This Is What 15 Years Of Rust Accumulation Looks Like In A 1 Water Pipe

Image source: FauxHulk

#27 Ever Wonder What A Furby Looks Like Without Its Fur? Now You Know

Image source: HooHooBigSummerBlowOut

#28 Ever Wondered What Happens If There Is A Fire In An Airplane Hangar? Suppression System Activated In Yyz North End

Image source: stygarfield

#29 This Is What The Inside Of A Bowling Ball Looks Like

Image source: elmielmosong

#30 What The Interior Of A Pool Table Looks Like

Image source: Duckman296

#31 This Is What A Bottle Of Water Looks Like In The Factory

Image source: Radioactive_Bee

#32 An Early Human Embryo On The Tip Of A Needle

Image source: mike_pants

#33 If You Ever Wondered How They Install Those Huge Power Line Towers

Image source: malgoya

#34 Cactus Cut In Half

Image source: Scout6feetup

#35 So Apparently This Is What A Gas Pump Hose Looks Like Underneath The Rubber

Image source: MrCaptain_Sandwich

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