30 Interesting Comparisons That Will Change The Way You Look At Things (New Pics)

Published 2 years ago

Although comparison mostly leads to disappointment, sometimes it shows growth and progress. Comparing an old picture with a new one shows us how time changes things.

Today, we have collected some comparison images to show you how things change and how perspective plays an important role in every aspect of life. Check out some of those pics in the gallery below.

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#1 First Portrait I Ever Did Back In 2011 vs. Most Recent Portrait From 2021, It’s Been A Long Journey

Image source: Proka1234

#2 My Grandma And Grandpa Dressed As Each Other For A Party. Early 1950s

Image source: chipsandsourcream1

#3 One Year Of Good Care And Love

Image source: zoace88

#4 With My Son’s Autism There Is A Lot Of Repetition And Routine He Uses To Find Comfort. This Is One Of My Favorite. He Has Snuggled The Same Way For 19 Years

Image source: Timfrostyo

#5 Beautiful Christmas Tree Before And After

Image source: M4Strings

#6 My First Cosplay vs. My Most Recent

Image source: mblackburncosplay

#7 From Broken Legs To Long Legs

Image source: Critical-Cupcake-912

#8 That Is A Wonderful Accomplishment And Much Harder To Achieve Staying At The Same Company

Image source: MoniMokshith

#9 10-Year-Old Me vs. 25-Year-Old Me

Image source: Theoson

#10 Different Colors Of Eggs My Chickens Lay

Image source: paarkrosis

#11 They Don’t Come Much Smaller. Hands For Scale

Image source: trying-to-be-kind

#12 University Classroom vs. Same University’s Football Locker Room

Image source: ohnoh18

#13 Same Location, Two Different Times

Image source: FutureSkeIeton

#14 I Challenged Myself To Read More During Quarantine. Me vs. The Books I’ve Read

Image source: TwoDaysRide

#15 Man Shares Pictures Before And After A Liver Transplant

Image source: Orri

#16 How It Started vs. How It’s Going

Image source: bape_x_anime

#17 The Wife And I Went To The Grand Canyon This Weekend. Top Was Saturday, Bottom Was Sunday

Image source: thagoodlife

#18 Beds With No People vs. People With No Beds

Image source: anislitim

#19 Look At The Size Of This Banana (Banana For Scale)

Image source: der2050

#20 A Pic I Took Of My Husband With All The Books He Wrote

Image source: FaolansPen

#21 Best Day Ever

Image source: aznbbgoth

#22 Japan vs. Brazil

Image source: weirdvideoquestion

#23 Visited The Same Model Village 25 Years Apart

Image source: r7npx

#24 Borodyanka, Ukraine – Pictures Of The Same Residential Area Before And After The Invasion

Image source: NiceCasualRedditGuy

#25 That Hurts. Before And After

Image source: tjwatt

#26 My 10-Year Progress Pic To Becoming A Registered Nurse

Image source: MoveAfterCompletion

#27 From A Little Bean To A Majestic Queen

Image source: PolarBla

#28 Adding The Backstitches To My Cross-Stitch Embroidery

Image source: lavenderfart

#29 My Client Asked To Make This Rug With Her Rats. Them vs. The Rug I Made

Image source: _bbrug_

#30 Negative Drawings By Liam York That Come To Life When Colors Are Inverted

Image source: MisterYorkie

Saumya Ratan

Saumya is an explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming. With her knack for art, design, photography, fun trivia, and internet humor, she takes you on a journey through the lighter side of pop culture.

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