25 Things That People Don’t Realise Are Incredibly Rude

Published 2 months ago

Rude behaviours are like unwelcome guests in the social fabric of our lives, leaving a sour taste in our interactions. From cutting in line to speaking loudly on the phone in public places, these behaviours can trigger a collective cringe among onlookers. 

Nobody enjoys witnessing disrespectful conduct, be it interrupting others while they speak or engaging in impolite gestures. It’s the small, everyday acts of incivility that can accumulate and erode the quality of our social connections. A lack of basic manners, such as failing to say “please” and “thank you,” can contribute to an atmosphere of tension and discomfort. In essence, the dislike for rude behaviours stems from a shared desire for a more considerate and harmonious coexistence as shown in the answers people gave on this Reddit. 

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#1 If someone declines alcohol, do not insist, and do not ask them why.

Image source: Weak-Snow-4470, Inga Seliverstova

#2 Asking when you’re going to have kids.

Image source: fridgidfallus, Marisa Howenstine

My fiancée had a hysterotomy a few years ago because reasons. We’re planning to adopt and we’re both fine with it. There’s enough people in this world and we don’t need to make more ourselves. She gets asked a lot when we’re planning to have kids and she replies, completely deadpan, “I’m infertile” and the uncomfortable look on their faces when they don’t know how to respond gives us both great joy. We hope it helps them think twice before asking someone else. I can’t wait to marry that woman.

#3 Commenting on weight in any way – “you’re so skinny” isn’t always a compliment.

Image source: Alley_cat_alien, i yunmai

#4 Talking loudly while traveling in herds with no spatial awareness. The random scream. Think college freshman packs or middle schoolers at the mall.

Image source: gator_grinder, Rich Smith

#5 It amazes me how many people cut each other off mid-sentence. It doesn’t matter how many people are in the conversation, the topic, or nature of it, inevitably someone will cut the other person off mid-sentence.

Image source: Broderickboggs

#6 LISTENING TO ANYTHING IN PUBLIC WITH YOUR VOLUME ON. This includes TikTok, YouTube, social media, face timing, phone on speaker, music, etc. No one gives a f**k what media you’re consuming. Airports especially seem to attract this in droves like earbuds or headphones don’t exist?? If i can hear your phone you are getting The Glare. Learn to adjust to polite society.

Image source: merlinshairyballs, Rasheed Kemy

#7 Saying “it was God’s will” when someone you care about dies. So inappropriate yet so many people do it anyway.

Image source: MetamorphicMermaid, cottonbro studio

#8 Touch a pregnant woman’s stomach.

Image source: LuminousZephyr, Helena Lopes

#9 Approach a disabled person you don’t know to call them brave, inspirational, etc. Especially if you are using them as an example to children. Every single disabled person I have ever met HATES when people do this. It’s calling unnecessary attention to them and a lot of people feel put on the spot, so it’s not a kind or respectful thing to do. Just leave people the f**k alone, they’re not here to be your example or your teachable moment.

Image source: captcha_trampstamp, ThisIsEngineering

#10 Sharing your own experience before reacting to someone else sharing a story. No matter your intentions behind sharing your own story it will always seem like you are trying to one up someone or make everything about you. I’m not trying to say you can’t or shouldn’t share your story but react and ask a few questions before you do. Show that you care about the other person first.

Image source: Excellent_Price_8762, Ricky Esquivel

#11 Looking at your phone whilst someone talks to you. Put your phone DOWN and live in the moment that is REAL. Your phone is just a waste of your time 90% of the time! Enjoy a real face to face conversation!.

Image source: CountOk9802, Andrea Piacquadio

#12 Being chronically ill and constantly being told “well at least it isn’t cancer”. No but it’s stuff I have to live the rest of my life with. Also “but you look ok”. Crazy how most all of my body is on the inside me.

Image source: Tarantulagirl, Sora Shimazaki

#13 Leaving your grocery cart in the middle of the aisle so others cannot pass. It’s inconsiderate and infuriating.

Image source: 1980pzx, Wallace Chuck

#14 People who let their dogs jump up on you. Hey I love dogs but I’m not in the mood of having dirty paws on my nice clean clothes.

Image source: son_berd, Lisa Fotios

#15 Immediately walking up the aisle once the plane lands and not letting those sitting in front of u get out first.

Image source: kingkpooh, Chris Brignola

#16 Giving any sort of unsolicited advice on someone’s physical appearance.

Image source: Particular-Natural12, Ketut Subiyanto

#17 Stepping off a full escalator and then standing still while looking around. Bro, just take 4-5 steps forward to figure yourself out!.

Image source: Viviane445, Felipe Cardoso

#18 “Why are you so quiet?”.

Image source: bobaboat, Etienne Boulanger

#19 “You don’t look autistic”. Oh you don’t say?.

Image source: Cherokeerayne

#20 *Why are you so quiet?* Why do you talk so much? See how rude that sounds?.

Image source: goated95

#21 Why don’t you have kids yet?.

Image source: AudibleNod, Caleb Oquendo

#22 “Smile!” Had a coworker that kept telling me to smile and I had to talk to a manager about it. I’m a large rough looking man and apparently my resting staring off into space face offended her. I live with chronic pain, so no, I don’t feel like smiling when I’m not interacting with anyone. I’m not scowling, I’m not mad I’m just not happy.

Image source: Corey307, Jonathon Burton

#23 People getting on an elevator before allowing people who are on it to get off.

Image source: FalcorFliesMePlaces, Gaurav Baya

#24 Talking to someone about work when they’re eating their lunch on their lunch break.

Image source: BallScratcher123

#25 When someone shares something tough they’re experiencing, saying “Welcome to the club” is really invalidating.

Image source: WildShadow163, Rosie Sun

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