20 Instances Where People Thought, “I Wonder At What Point They Realized”

Published 1 year ago

When an architect or designer creates a structure, they want it to look the best and take care of every little detail. However, sometimes they fail to plan properly or things don’t go as planned during the construction.

The subreddit r/ConstructionFails shares hilarious examples of design and construction flaws. After looking at these terrible works, you’ll probably wonder what someone was thinking while creating such things. Scroll below to see some of the worst architecture fails.

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#1 Looks Great Guys, Keep Up The Good Work!

Image source: TheVintageMermaid

#2 Bathroom Door — Peekaboo

Image source: No-Presence-6699

#3 I Wonder At What Point They Realised

Image source: Raised-By-Wolf-Pack

#4 Hydraulics Go Boom

Image source: KLeGarcon

#5 That’s A Nice Peaceful Dam You Got There

Image source: dapper333

#6 Every Angle Is Just Slightly Off

Image source: Brandolin-312

#7 Kitchen Counter/Stairs Hybrid

Image source: dapper333

#8 I’m Sure These Deck Posts Won’t Be An Issue Down The Road

Image source: Famous-Rutabaga-5517

#9 Their Boss Won’t Even Pony Up For Matching Ladders

Image source: MikeFoxtrotter

#10 I Think The Roofers Got My Siding A Little Too Hot When Torching Down A New Roof

Image source: UGotDeDopeIGotDePipe

#11 The Water Pipe In My Appartment That Just Finished Construction

Image source: wheekwheekmeow

#12 Saw This While Doing An Inventory At A Rental Property Today

Image source: Raised-By-Wolf-Pack

#13 Must’ve Been Blindfolded While Caulking This

Image source: spartansmee

#14 Highway Pillar Hanging Out On Its Own

Image source: enthusiastic_diver

#15 Good Luck With That Guys

Image source: Connect-Assist-8636

#16 The Floor Of Sibling’s New Apartment Is Just A Tiny Bit Uneven

Image source:  Impromptu_Euthanasia

#17 Well, At Least It Has A Gap

Image source: 2GOOD93

#18 Is It Petty To Judge Ugly Plumbing If They Reversed The Feeds?

Image source: HairyHorticulture

#19 Some “Professional” Framer Gore For You

Image source: 00LR

#20 Found A Love Outlet In The Wall

Image source: aschiffer878

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