“What Cooking Hill Are You Willing To Die On?” (25 Opinions)

Published 8 months ago

When it comes to cooking, chefs and home cooks have their own opinions on what works best in the kitchen to get the best out of their preparations. These unique perspectives may differ to such a degree that it may even alienate them from the rest of the opinions of the world. 

Recently, the members of the r/Cooking community shared their extraordinary thoughts on their strongest and spiciest cooking opinions that go against the grain. Scroll below to read some of these unusual takes and maybe pick up an idea or two if you happen to be a picky eater because the norm just doesn’t seem to be working for you.

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#1 Pineapple is 100% okay on Pizza.

Image source: SIMPSONBORT, Parker Hilton

#2 Margarine is not butter. And before you come at me for those who don’t dairy, just use oil. Margarine is an abomination. My MIL ruins so much with her diet margarine which she insists “tastes just like butter!”

Image source: SpeakerCareless, Felicity Tai

#3 Just because memaw kept it a secret doesn’t mean it’s a great recipe

Image source: JovianTrell, Teona Swift

#4 -Salt is just as important in sweet food as it is in savory food.

Image source: MobileImpressive3046, Pixabay

Chili benefits from the addition of beans, as well as a little bit of unsweetened cocoa.

-Out of season tomatoes are usually not worth buying, and better quality canned tomatoes are often worth the extra few cents!

#5 For Thai cooking you can literally use every cooking oil in existence EXCEPT OLIVE OIL AND TRUFFLE OIL

Image source: RandomAsianGuy, Clem Onojeghuo

#6 Salt is the heavy weight champion of flavor

Image source: ThelastJasel, cottonbro studio

#7 Unless you are buying directly from a farm (or a retailer that optimizes for speed of sale from harvest), *high quality* frozen ingredients can be tastier and more nutritious than fresh.

Image source: rabbotz, Monika Grabkowska

#8 Carbonara doesn’t have cream in it

Image source: DignityCancer, Engin Akyurt

#9 Traditional doesn’t mean good and judging a dish on whether it’s made “correctly” is only for instructors at culinary school.

Image source: Effective-Slice-4819, On Shot

#10 Fresh garlic is always better than garlic powder and jarlic and I use 3-4 times as what is called for. I also roast it before using it.

Image source: Practical-Film-8573, Surya Prakash

#11 Nachos should be built wide instead of tall. Homemade chili tastes best the next day.

Image source: Giannandco, Erick Su

#12 2-3 cloves of garlic is not enough and I’ll always add more than the recipe calls for. Same with onion. Half an onion? Nope, adding the whole f*****g thing.

Image source: MermaidBicycles, Cats Coming

#13 It’s OK to like a steak well done.

Image source: BrewCityChaser, sunorwind

#14 Ciabatta is a s****y bread for sandwiches. maybe when its really fresh this isn’t an issue but often its way too hard and causes all the ingredients to push out after a single bite.

Image source: jmuguy, Cats Coming

#15 Butter over oil, almost always

Image source: Greenblinks, Monserrat Soldú

#16 Recipes should only be loosely followed and you should modify them as you go to suit your own tastes.

Image source: H2ON4CR, Taryn Elliott

#17 There are very few occasions that justify peeling your f*****g potatoes. Be happy. Leave the skin on. Good nutrients. Less work.

Image source: WhatAmIDoingHere2092, Polina Tankilevitch

#18 Not everything is better with bacon.

Image source: save-early-often, Michelle @Shelly Captures It

#19 Campbells back-of-the-can recipes are a good gateway to cooking and are pretty damn tasty and so no one should diss them. (Except for their high sodium content. That I get.)

Image source: Imraith-Nimphais, Calle Macarone

#20 There’s no need to do horizontal cuts when dicing an onion.

Image source: bw2082, Aлександар Габона

#21 Lumpy mashed potatoes are far superior than the super smooth version

Image source: curryp4n, Parnis Azimi

#22 Modern food culture is one of the most gate keeping, entitled, and toxic cultures. The amount of hard and fast “rules” for dishes that make or don’t make something authentic is ridiculous. Everything evolved from something else.

Image source: weatherbeknown, Klaus Nielsen

Authenticity doesn’t exist anymore. Italians I’m looking at you. NY Italians I’m REALLY looking at you.

#23 When it comes to grilled cheese, butter > mayo.

Image source: mikevanatta, Gio Bartlett

#24 The best rice I have ever eaten was from an Afghan lady. It had raisins in it. I usually am not a fan of raisins.

Image source: Affectionate_Buy_830, Trista Chen


Image source: pimentocheeze_, MikeGz

-The “that’s not a grilled cheese it’s a melt” crowd is annoying af…. You made it you can call it whatever you want idc

-Sandwiches and burgers shouldn’t be piled so high that you can barely get them in your mouth. Maybe it looks fancy but it doesn’t eat well and that’s what matters.

-Some cuts of steak have a better flavor and texture when cooked to medium (ex. picanha)

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