25 Food Crimes People Commit Despite Knowing Better

Published 9 months ago

With so many different opinions on the right way of cooking it feels like we have been doing everything wrong up to now. From the simplest dishes to more complicated recipes, folks have their own way of preparing things to make their lives simpler even if the greater online population may disagree. 

Recently, a Reddit thread on r/Cooking gained popularity when folks started confessing these little cooking sins they shamelessly commit even though they know it would get them publicly crucified to admit so unless done anonymously like below. 

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#1 I break my spaghetti in half like a mf champion and never regretted doing so

Image source: punica_granatum_, Karolina Kołodziejczak

#2 Using a teaspoon to scoop out some spices, then putting it back into the drawer because it was spotless.

Image source: cuteblackcat_AIM, Alex Moliski

#3 I don’t dice onions the proper way (keeping the root end attached). I cut off both ends, slice one way, then the other. I know it’s supposedly easier, but I don’t like doing it that way.

Image source: -make-it-so-, mali maeder

#4 I sometime use store bought chicken stock or bouillon cubes. I know! I’m sorry!! It’s just… sometimes my stuff is still frozen!!

Image source: RecipesAndDiving, Akshay Chauhan

#5 When I bake I don’t weigh anything, and just scoop up the flour in the measuring cup. I know it packs down, but whatever. My cookies always come out great anyway.

Image source: Square-Ad-464, Ron Lach

#6 I let my meat defrost on the counter, and if I pay enough attention I´’ll put it in the fridge when its defrosted, but sometimes I totally forget about it and it comes to room temp. My family is still alive.

Image source: Lentilfairy, Victoria Shes

#7 I’ll put ketchup on hotdogs and brats. I don’t care what others think. I like it.

Image source: IHaveTouretts, mali maeder

#8 I do a lot of ribs in my smoker, and I usually do ’em until they fall off the bone. Spare me all the mumbo jumbo about how the 3-2-1 method is c**p, or that “fall off the bone” ribs are overcooked, that’s how my wife likes them, I don’t mind them tender like that either, and that’s just the way I’m doing them, if you don’t like it, buy your own smoker.

Image source: ywgflyer, Julia Filirovska

#9 Sometimes, I salt the water *before* it is boiling.

Image source: Whatiatefordinner, Yan Krukau

#10 I don’t do “mise en place”. It’s more like a mess in place, but as long as the food turns out good, I’m okay with that lol

Image source: Gikie, Rudy Issa

#11 I scrape the bowl like I’m held at gunpoint. Those heathens on Food Network and their half a**ed wasteful scraping make my blood boil. I’m sorry we can’t all live in the Hamptons and be so rushed that we throw away half the brownie batter Ina, you selfish b+<£.

Image source: HouseMouseMidWest, Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu

#12 I rinse my mushrooms. Ain’t nobody got time for carefully wiping off the soil.

Image source: dopadelic, Pixabay

#13 My cast iron is seasoned properly so it gets a quick hand wash with soap and rinsed and then dried completely. It will get touch up seasoning when needed. The hysteria is so unnecessary.

Image source: knaimoli619, Klaus Nielsen

#14 I remove shrimp tails before cooking. Apparently you’re not supposed to but the tails are disgusting

Image source: Gold_Attorney_925, Elle Hughes

#15 I made homemade jambalaya a bunch of times until I really had it down, then decided that except for special occasions, it’s generally not worth the effort to make from scratch. So these days I’m back to starting from a box of Zataran’s and doctoring it up.

Image source: edubkendo

#16 I make, and eat, raw cookie dough. With eggs. Best treat. Never been sick

Image source: CoffeeKween19, Pam Menegakis

#17 I use my chef’s knife for everything. All my other knives are just there to look pretty.

Image source: pitfall1984, Kevin Doran

#18 I cook with butter more than oils. It tastes better. Not as healthy, but it’s worth it to me!

Image source: MP2382, Paolo Botio

#19 I don’t curl my fingers when cutting things. I’ve been cooking for 50 years and have only cut myself a few times and usually not when slicing. I feel I get a better grip not curling.

Image source: 00Lisa00, Kristina Snowasp

#20 My secret ingredient is msg.

Image source: rubitbasteitsmokeit

#21 I use salted butter and don’t add salt in baking recipes. My desserts/baked goods always end up perfectly, slightly salted.

Image source: BrewskiBehb, Monserrat Soldú

#22 My chef mother taught me NEVER to cut lettuce, only to rip. Ripping the lettuce and then rinsing/washing was my job every night before dinner, and I loathed it. Now, I only cut my lettuce with a knife, I refuse to rip it lol

Image source: ServiceFinal952, Jonathan Borba

#23 To actually answer the question rather than dragging OP, I don’t care about making sure everything I’m chopping is the same size. Who the hell cares. I’m only cooking for my household, and it’s not like I’m hacking food apart like an animal, so everything still cooks in roughly the same amount of time. I also overcook pasta a little. I don’t like it al dente.

Image source: d4n4scu11y__, cottonbro studio

#24 Using dry measuring cups for liquids.

Image source: Noninvasive_, Los Muertos Crew

#25 You can cook rice on the stovetop just like you would in a rice cooker. No need to do it pasta style lol. You’d just need to adjust the water to rice ratio and let it go. I don’t taste as I cook. I just season with my eyes.

Image source: evelinisantini, VD Photography

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