25 Cool 404 Error Page Examples

Published 14 years ago

I am sure you’ve already run into 404 error page at least once in your lifetime, and I’m 99% sure it was a horrible experience. In this  particular situation not only you couldn’t find what you were looking for, but you probably even got some ugly looking message.

Why not make this whole situation more pleasant, and at least create something cool and funny to calm down the visitor? Well, here are 25 Creative 404 Error Page Examples how to do it right.

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1. 24-7 Media: Dead Fly (link)

2. Pattern Tap: Uh Oh (link)

3. Funned.net: Lost Puppy

4. BoredPanda: I Didn’t Eat It I Swear (link)

5. Soocial (link)

6. JibJab: We Looked Everywhere (link)

7. Ook: Free 404 Cutout

8. nickciske: Do Not Use Elevator

9. Lileks: Where The Hell Are We (link)

10. Cats Who Code: Someone Is Fixing It

11. LarkNews (link)

12. Renkoo: Sharks With Lazers

13. Demilked (Hey, It’s Ours!)

14. Zivity: We Still Love You (link)

15. LimpFish: Wanted (link)

16. South Park: Son of a … (link)

17. Center’d: Sorry (link)

18. Mario: Your Page is In Another Castle (link)

19. Seecoy (link)

20. Acorncreative.com: Sock

21. Death Dealers (link)

22. Homestarrunner: 404’d!!! (link)

23. Daze Of Our Lives: What the..? (link)

24. RetardZone.com

25. Heinz: Empty Page (link)

Which one do you like best?

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