30 Times People Found Amazing Things At Thrift Stores And Shared Them Online

Published 1 year ago

Thrift store hunting can be fun– you might find all sorts of crazy and interesting stuff there. Anyone who has ever been to thrift store shopping will tell you how awesome it is to explore things and find hidden treasures.

Sometimes, if fortune favors you, you might find cool and amazing secondhand stuff. And if you find something awesome, you can share it with this Facebook community- “Weird (and Wonderful) Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared“. However, if you just want to look at other people’s amazing finds, scroll below to see them. And if you wish to explore more, check out our previous posts herehere, and here.

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#1 Found The Vintage Mirror Of My Dreams Recently On Fb Marketplace. I’ve Been Searching For One Like This For Years And I’m So Obsessed

Image source: Brittany Zapata

It’s Around 4 1/2 Feet Tall, And There’s A Date Written On The The Back Of It- January 1964. I Keep Finding Myself Staring At It And Wondering Where It’s Been And Who’s Looked Into It. Definitely Going To Treasure This For The Rest Of My Life.

#2 I Finally Found A Tiny Couch For My Cat!!!!!

Image source: Lena Xanana

#3 I Found This Free At An Auction – No One Wanted It And So It Was Being Thrown Out. I Took It Home And Re- Painted It

Image source: Lynne Bauman

#4 I Found It On Marketplace For $40, But It’s Really A Mystery Chair. The Owner Said It Was Made By A Private Business Across The World Somewhere, But Anywhere You Find It Online Are Scam Sites. So This Chair Is Super Unique

Image source: Karisa Briest

#5 I Started Collecting Vintage Swag Lights While They Were Considered 70s Trash. Picking Them Up At Garage Sales For Practicality Nothing. It Seemed Like Overnight They Became Highly Collectible

Image source: Rick Murray

#6 My Copy Of Pride And Prejudice That I Found At A Used Book Store! It’s So Beautiful And In Really Great Condition Too. It Was A Gift To Someone In 1899!

Image source: Jazmine Clair Eugelmi

#7 The First Thing I Saw When I Walked Through The Door Of A Thrift Store In Millville, New Jersey. Only $10 And It Definitely Came Home With Me

Image source: Judy Pearsall

#8 Okay Guys So This Is A Fun One. When I Was A Kid I Had This Exact Cat Blanket And I Haven’t Seen It In Years. I Loved It!

Image source: Erin Storey

#9 I Got Lucky And Found My Holy Grail Piece Of Furniture Secondhand On Marketplace!! I Think Someone Had Posted This Cabinet In This Group A While Ago And I’ve Been Questing For It Ever Since. The Woman Who Sold It To Me Lives About 40 Miles Away But Happened To Be Coming To My City And Offered To Meet Locally, So It Feels Like Destiny. I’m So Pleased!

Image source: Samantha Neuroth

#10 This Incredibly Realistic And Strangely Heavy Fake Sandwich I Found At An “Upscale Antique” Store In Indiana

Image source: Olivia Nicole Henson

#11 Wanted To Share My Absolutely Wonderful Find From Lil Birdy’s Antiques & Decor In Butler, Pa! When I Saw These Posted On Their Facebook Page I Just Knew They Had To Be Mine!! I Was Over The Moon To Find Out They Ship!

Image source: Mary E Weaver

#12 I Found This Wonderful Hutch At A Yard Sale This Past Weekend

Image source: Bea Moser

#13 These Were All Found At Flea Markets And Estate Sales. I Finally Committed To Painting Them

Image source: Chris Cope

#14 Snagged These From A Yard Sale!

Image source: Mikayla Mckenzie

#15 Best Garage Sale Find Ever!

Image source: Victoria Perry

#16 Brought This Matted Print Home From A Fundraising Garage Sale And My Husband Thinks It’s The Greatest Thing Ever

Image source: Amy Paine

#17 I Finally Found A Turkish Lamp On Marketplace!! And…it Was For Sale In My Town!!!!

Image source: Sarah Weeks

#18 My Grandmother Passed Away Recently (It Was Quiet And Painless At 92) And I Am Inheriting This Absolute Masterpiece Frog. My Mom Doesn’t Get Why I Want Him But I Think This Group Will Appreciate

Image source: Lily Cantor

#19 I Had Bought My Mother A Silhouette Lamp For Her Birthday When I Was In My Teens. I’ve Been Thrifting Forever. The Lamp Got Lost In The Fire And I Swore I Would Find One Again, And, If I Could Afford It, I Would Buy One Again. Today, We Met Again!

Image source: Steph Page Harrington

#20 Gw In Stoughton, Wi, Professionally Framed

Image source: Jenny Neuville

#21 Obsessed Is An Understatement

Image source: Blayne McGuire

#22 My Life Is Complete.. I Finally Have Found My Dream Bookcase At A Second Hand Emporium! It’s Huge Had To Rearrange While House

Image source: Kirsty Sweeting

#23 Saw These While Thrifting The Other Day. The Treads Are A TV Remote Pattern

Image source: Adrienne Heroneme Gaschler

#24 I Was Going Through My Mom’s Old Recipe Box And Found These Pan Am American Tomato Seeds From 1954!

Image source: Jennifer Morris-Snyder

“This Is The Writing Of My Great-Grandmother. I Am Guessing She Gave These To My Grandmother And They Never Got Planted…until Yesterday! What A Great Story This Will Be, Especially If I Get Tomatoes To Grow.”

#25 I Found A 3D Duck Cake Pan Set At The Spca Thrift Store In Victoria, Bc. It Baked Up Just Fine But Our Icing Skills Need Work

Image source: Tina Taylor

#26 This Morning I Was Browsing The Fb Marketplace And Found A Listing From An Alice In Wonderland Pop Up Event In Boston That Had Finished Giving Away All Their Decorations And Props For Free

Image source: Michelle DiChiara

“I Thought It Was Too Good To Be True When I Saw This White Rabbit (And Other Maximalist Decor). My Daughter And I Raced There With Our Fingers Crossed Hoping That No One Nabbed The White Rabbit. Honestly, I Imagined It Being A Foot Or Two High, Like A Door Stopper Type Of Decoration. When We Got There And I Saw A 4’ Rabbit I Coupdnt Stop Laughing.”

#27 Found This Old TV At An Estate Sale In Ridgewood Queens NY. Didn’t Come Home With Me But It Was Tempting

Image source: James Corallo

#28 Found These Little Besties At A Thrift Store On A Military Base In Okinawa Japan

Image source: Lydia Powers

#29 How Could I Leave This On The Curb?! Took Four People To Lift It Into The Back Of My Suv

Image source: Athena Zorbas Winterich

#30 Found This Amazing Corner Cabinet On Facebook Marketplace For £30! ($38.50usd) I’m In Love

Image source: Vik Toria

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