30 People Who Got Incredibly Lucky In Thrift Stores

Published 5 years ago

Going thrift store hunting can be pretty fun – you never know what interesting stuff you’ll find. A picture of a cat in an Indiana Jones outfit? Sure! A copy of The Shining signed by Stephen King himself? Why not! And the best part – all of that stuff will only cost you a few cents.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the best stuff that people came across in thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales, and they’ll make you want to go out and find a ‘treasure’ of your own. Check them out in the gallery below!

h/t: Bored Panda

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#1 The Best $1.99 I Will Ever Spend In My Lifetime

Image source: jennabunnykins

#2 Someone Who Works At A Charity Shop Put Jeff Goldblum In Every Single Photo Frame

Image source: Simonreah

#3 Found A Camera In A Thrift Store That Belonged To A Soldier In WW1. Has Undeveloped Verichrome Film In The Back

Image source: czmhdk

#4 As A 100% Straight Man, I Had To Have This Shirt

Image source: Calhobs

#5 Funny Coffee Mug I Found Today

Image source: ChadHahn

#6 My $2 Thrift Store Repaint

Image source: Florixia

#7 My New Lunch Box, Thanks Goodwill

Image source: windi_withani

#8 Couldn’t Resist This 70s Rainbow Kettle For $7

Image source: bribear4

#9 Found These Weird Ass Salt And Pepper Shakers. A Giraffe Eating A Tourist’s Toupee

Image source: electromermaid

#10 $10 At A Local Garage Sale! The Old Lady Didn’t Even Remember What It Was At First

Image source: JoeyGoodKid

#11 I Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Thrift For My Clothing Unsupervised

Image source: Sappet102

#12 This Thrift Store Photo Is My Doppelganger

Image source: falconfalcone

#13 Every Garage Sale Should Be This Funny

Image source: beccabek

#14 Got This Bad Boy Last Weekend For $2 And My Boyfriend Has Yet To Notice It On The Wall. I Might Add In The Extra Batteries So It Meows Every Hour

Image source: crazyauntkanye

#15 I Found A Brand New Version Of My Childhood Teddy Bear At A Flea Market

Image source: fatdogrollingover

#16 Best $10 I’ve Ever Spent

Image source: lavendercoffeee

#17 I Think I Maxed Out When I Found This Work Of Art At A Garage Sale As A Child. Now Proudly Displaying It In My First Apartment

Image source: a-chan-san

#18 Best Charity Shop Find Ever. It’s Going In My Bathroom. £3

Image source: morbidchicken

#19 Browsing My Neighborhood Salvation Army

Image source: Bronconeer

#20 50 Cent Pick Up. If You Find Ceramic Frogs Out At Yard Sales, Flip Em Over To See If They Are A Keeper

Image source: FraternityMan

#21 Every Year We Spend $20 At Goodwill To Dress Each Other Then Get Cheesy Photos Taken Instead Of Buying Presents. We Did Great This Year

Image source: whiskitforthebiscuit

#22 Found This At A Flea Market While On A Trip In PA

Image source: Onlyadeej

#23 Sometimes You Find Treasures, Sometimes Treasures Find You

Image source: ashleylivingsimply

#24 This Fake Light-Plastic Wrench I Found At The Thrift Store. Gonna Throw It At People

Image source: Tdeckard2000

#25 Thrift Store, Three Bucks. Pete Painted This Block Of Wood For 14 Years, Almost Every Day

Image source: zydeco

#26 On This Day In 2011, I Found 36 Stuffed Pikachus At A Salvation Army

Image source: IAmOnlyHereForTheOprahBeeGif

#27 This Bench My Sister Bought At A Yard Sale Without Measuring The Space First

Image source: QueenBeeCassi

#28 This Thrift Shop Sells Thousands Of Random Family Photos

Image source: videoverse

#29 Found This Beaut For $16. My New Favorite Sweater

Image source: Microcrisp

#30 This Is My Favorite Mug. I Got It At A Thrift Store And Have No Idea Who These People Are

Image source:  stinkycrow666

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