20 Examples Of Top-Notch Woodworking As Shared On This Online Group

Published 1 year ago

It takes a great deal of creativity and patience to turn a log of wood into something incredible. The mastery of tools and a good imagination often lead to the creation of an artwork that is both aesthetic and functional at the same time.

The r/Woodworking subreddit shares the most impressive examples of such creativity. From a baby crib to a drawer box, people share the most fascinating DIY projects they’ve created in this group. Check out some of the most stunning ones in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous posts here, here, and here.

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#1 My Olive Pitcarving

Image source: Wt_slidev

#2 I Was Told Y’all Would Like This Greenhouse I Built Last Spring

Image source: fleshcanoer

#3 Cedar Boardwalk I Built Last Fall

Image source: subtlegramps

#4 We’re Expecting Our Firstborn In The End Of February. Hopefully I’ve Made Our Family To Be A Nice Heirloom

Image source: Wonderful-Call-9951

#5 My Micro Shop And Latest Commission

Image source: BerkshireMtnSculptor

#6 Fox In Northern White Cedar

Image source: BerkshireMtnSculptor

#7 Quad Bunk

Image source: Zestyclose-Carob2925

#8 My Favorite Project From 2022: Mechanical Iris Liquor Cabinet

Image source: locomotion_creations

#9 Romeo & Juliet Cheese Board Inspired By One Of The First Posts I Saw In This Sub

Image source: zee_dot

#10 Double Dovetail Drawers To Go Around The Drain In This Vanity I Built

Image source: tooladdict

#11 Walnut Drawer Box I Completed Recently With Knot Burl Drawer Pulls. Hand Tools Only

Image source: mikebdesign

#12 The Sapphire Walnut Bowl! This One Was A Little Tricky To Pull Off, But I Think It Was Totally Worth It

Image source: FormanWoodworking

#13 I Carved This Jalapeño Plant From Curly Maple And Walnut! You Can See The Curly Wood Grain Showing Through On The Peppers. This Project Took A Ton Of Hours And A Lot Of Screw UPS. I Appreciate All The Support I’ve Been Given On This Subreddit. I Am Very Appreciative For All Of You!

Image source: enufalrefe

#14 Built This Bookshelf For My Mom As My First Ever Woodworking Project. I Think It Turned Out Alright For An Amateur

Image source: Papatarts0

#15 I’ve Been Making Fishing Lures! What Do You Think??

Image source: brodieodie

#16 My Plastic Silverware Tray Was Breaking Apart So I Built A New One From Leftover Pine I Had Laying Around

Image source: lewd_bingo

#17 Always Worried To Post This Anywhere, In Case Someone Doesn’t Get The Reference And Thinks I’m Just Into Really Weird Stuff. Anyways, Enjoy This Scroll Saw Art I Made

Image source: ducklady92

#18 My First Actual Piece Of Furniture! (In Woodworking School But I Still Feel Proud)

Image source: rafsku

#19 Custom Handmade Record Player Out Of Maple Burl

Image source: nicolehuntah1

#20 The Dog Doesn’t Know It’s Only Pine

Image source: MustardInspector14

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