20 Eyebrow-Raising Copy-Paste Fails Spotted By People

Published 1 year ago

I don’t know about you dear reader, but my biggest fear in life is an accidental copy-paste going to the wrong party. So to think that some people have had that very fear come true in such an embarrassing fashion gives me the jitters just thinking about it. However, it certainly does stimulate the funny bone to read some of the incidents where such an embarrassing mistake occurs.

These particular fails, taken from a popular subreddit called, r/copypastegonewrong, are downright horrifically awkward yet entertaining. Just remember dear reader, to always proofread what you wrote, to avoid being featured on this particularly juicy thread too.

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#1 Please Do Not Open The Other Link

Image source: ECCE_M0N0

#2 We Appreciate You, Associate’s Name!

Image source: reddit.com

#3 I Love How (Characteristic) You Are!

Image source: surrendersparkles

#4 How Do I Delete Someone Else’s Discord?

Image source: Frillshark

#5 “No One Will Notice,” They Said

Image source: Dr_Somebody

#6 I Finally Caught One In The Wild! Total Copy/Paste Job With Forgotten Beginning Quotation Mark

Image source: surrendersparkles

#7 This Is Why It Is Always Important To Read Before You Copy And Paste

Image source: hiddenjohnmitchel

#8 Tinder Fail

Image source: Bookaholic

#9 Making An Interesting Exam For The Students

Image source: nanouxxx

#10 Sprint Social Customer Care Just Copy And Pasting From A Script

Image source: gabrielr7637

#11 Insert Product

Image source: Miserable_Sea

#12 It Really Feels Like She’s Trying Connect With Me On A Personal Level

Image source: boney_e

#13 Dear (Customer),

Image source: lizziebomb

#14 Insert 3 Genuine Traits

Image source: surrendersparkles

#15 Admit It Marissa, You Admire The Tenacity

Image source: klucas503

#16 I’m Getting Used To The Generic Job Rejection Email… But This Is Just Lazy

Image source: reddit.com

#17 Analog Click

Image source: BizProminence, surrendersparkles

#18 Is There An Mlm For Books? I’ve Known Her Since Elementary School And She’s Never Messaged Me Before…something Tells Me She’s New At This

Image source: surrendersparkles

#19 Name Of The Group And Much More

Image source: Miserable_Sea

#20 Maybe Bruce Was Just Celebrating Too Hard

Image source: InBergatory

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