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20+ Pun-tastic Costumes You’ll Have To Look At Twice To Understand

Published 1 year ago

#11 I Decided To Get A Little Creative This Year. I Present Edgar Allan Ho

Image source: zacch

#12 Just A Pair Of Nun Chucks

Image source: jacksjogren

#13 She Said I Should Dress-Up Like Homer

Image source: DubbyDov

#14 Halo Kitty

Image source: rawr_cutedino

#15 Took A While For Anyone To Figure Out What I Was In My Costume. I Was A Chick Magnet

Image source:

#16 Dress Up Like “Dominoes” They Said

Image source: agirlnamedalia

#17 My Friend Went As The Internet Explorer For Halloween

Image source: Kona_Dlite

#18 I’m Black Friday The 13th

Image source: thisjordanperry

#19 Ice Ice Baby

Image source: thinkingcloset

#20 Iron Man, Of Starch Enterprises

Image source: SaintNicster

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