30 Comfy Living Spaces That Might Change Your Perception About Bachelor Pads

Published 3 years ago

What comes to your mind when you think about bachelor pads? Untidy? Poorly-organized? Messy? These are some common perceptions that reflect the idea that men need women to clean and decorate their houses. Times have changed folks, and so have the sexist attitudes towards home. Nowadays, many young men are taking up the responsibility to create a cozy space for themselves, whether they live alone or with someone.

The ‘Male Living Space’  subreddit is a community where people share the best interiors of places where men live. From book arrangements to indoor plant decoration, these comfy places might change your perception regarding man caves. Scroll below to see some of the most brilliant cozy living spaces shared in this online community.

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#1 How It Started vs. How It’s Going

Image source: APurpleTRex

#2 I Moved Into An Old Squash Court

Image source: reaction105

#3 7 Months After The Girlfriend And I Split. New Apartment. New Life. Same Dog

Image source: ddmirolli

#4 Chicago Bachelor Pad For Me And The Pup

Image source: jkfxb19

#5 Achievement Unlocked: NYC Apartment With No Roommates

Image source: moviemakr

#6 Found These Old Lockers And Turned Them Into A Functional Piece For My Living Room

Image source: DozyDotes01

#7 My Sunny La Living Room

Image source: saundini

#8 First “I’m Really Proud Of This” Living Space

Image source: ReshKayden

#9 18 Months Sober: I Now Pay Rent, On Time At That (Bed Stuy – Brooklyn, NY)

Image source: mattchuw1

#10 My Bedroom

Image source: Bonestown

#11 Recently Separated, First Time Living Single After 25 Years

Image source: mechanux

#12 Finally Got My Living Room Together

Image source: das__viking

#13 Was Told This Would Be Appropriate Here

Image source: Veale001

#14 My Living Room One Month After Break-Up

Image source: SuperSjefke

#15 I Inverted The Colors Of My Kitchen

Image source: Drewgill

#16 Felt Lush, Might Delete Later

Image source: Starmie1990

#17 My Living Room Setup

Image source: sohmeho

#18 I’m A 26-Year-Old Dude In Chicago. This Is The First Apartment I’ve Ever Been Proud Of

Image source: Conman3880

#19 Took A Leap Of Faith And Painted My Tiny NYC Bedroom. I Don’t Regret It At All. The All White Was Making Me Feel Very Confined

Image source: SmellJazzlike635

#20 My Small Studio Apartment In Moscow, Russia

Image source: S1erra

#21 My Attempt At Mid-Century Modern

Image source: mesaywee

#22 Heading Into The Second Month Of My Very First Home.. What You Guys Think?

Image source: poopiehandshake

#23 Moving Out Of My Storefront Loft Space Apt In Chicago, Il After 7 Years. Thought I’d Share Some Photos

Image source: Erreur_de_Parallax

#24 My New Living Room With Self Made Furniture

Image source: ZacMS

#25 I’m A Sucker For A View

Image source: PacificTrekk

#26 My DIY Home Theater Man Cave Set Up

Image source: mywholename

#27 First Place Out Of College

Image source: reddit.com

#28 Loft Life

Image source: N301CF

#29 Finished My Desk Space In New Apartment

Image source: daphenejtor

#30 It’s A Work In Progress

Image source: dave0352x

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