26 Ridiculous Conspiracy Theories People Actually Believe

Published 5 months ago

While some people are quick to dismiss conspiracy theories, others like to delve deeper into them. Though we have discovered a lot about the world, there is still so much mystery surrounding us that is yet to be unravelled. 

Recently, someone asked online, “What’s the weirdest/craziest conspiracy theory you have heard of?”, and some bizarre answers poured in. Bear in mind, these are the craziest theories people have ever come up with so only venture forth with an open mind. 

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Image source: StillBald, FOX

Truck driver that delivered my flooring gave me this gem: The push for green lawns in the US is by Big Pharma.

The cliff notes version is that to get green grass, you need pesticides, pesticides cause cancer, cancer is good business for drug companies. It was like a 20 minute long rant to get to that conclusion and it was an adventure.

#2 Had a co worker that fully believes the government controls the weather so celebrities can have nice weddings

Image source: pinballgizard, Spora Weddings

#3 Dinosaur bones were placed on earth by Satan to trick people into “abandoning” God.

Image source: River_7890, Christopher Jon

#4 The earth is flat and everyone person has their own sun like the sun you see and the one I see is completely different

Image source: Mediocre_Meat_5992, Pixabay

#5 Dollar general stores are run by the government to get information about UFOs

Image source: cam52391, Random Retail

#6 Rocks are soft until touched. Dumbest, but still my favorite.

Image source: JiN88reddit, Andrew Malone

#7 That ADHD havers are actually glitching through different dimensions

Image source: Saltmetoast, imustbedead

#8 You social security number indicates which bank you were sold to at birth.

Image source: compuwiza1, Brett Sayles

#9 That the great fire of London was actually started by a rat spontaneously combusting.

Image source: TheScarceRecrea, Chris F


Image source: Melodic_Abalone_2820, Tima Miroshnichenko

My friend and his dad are big Conspiracy theorists. They listened to Alex Jones every day and believed him too. A couple of years ago it was on the news that some Navy Seals and the PD Swat were going to do a joint training exercise. Those 2 were convinced that it was all a ruse and that they were going to try and take over the city. So that day they didn’t open their business and stayed home and armed themselves with every weapon they had and waited for an “attack”

#11 My mother believes that it’s so difficult to get appointments with doctors is because illegal immigrants are taking all the appointments. I laughed until I realized she was serious.

Image source: boughmadeofwood, cottonbro studio

#12 I have to say the one about politicians drinking infant blood in the basements of pizza parlors in order to get adrenochrome is a pretty crazy one. Because the only way to get adrenochrome is through vampiric acts since chemistry isn’t a thing

Image source: AkuraPiety, Omar Belattar

#13 That birds are not real and are actually just surveillance for the government. It’s a great eye rolling experience.

Image source: Dependent_Main2643, Matthis Volquardsen

#14 Chemtrails have got to be up there.

Image source: thisgrantstomb, Stephan Seeber

#15 Met a dude at the gym that believed that the CIA had built tunnels throughout the Earth’s core, connecting all the major cities. Was some kind of global takeover scheme.

Image source: Latham74, Perry Wunderlich

#16 That Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen, and they made the movie Frozen so that when people googled “Walt Disney Frozen” the movie would come up first.

Image source: LizardPossum, Boy Scouts of America


Image source: PzMcQuire, Henry de Guzman

Some nutjobs have convinced themselves that every celebrity is trans. They point out all kinds of physical attributes that “prove it” like “masculine jawline” and “male eyes”, or “too small hips that a woman wouldn’t be able to birth through, must be a man”. One bikini pic of Taylor Swift shows a bit pronounced pubic mound, and the conspiracy nutters never having seen a natural naked woman went “Yup must be a penis” It’s called Transvestigation if you’re interested.

#18 Mountains are all the stumps of ancient fossilized enormous trees. I’m absolutely *obsessed* with this theory. It’s connected to flat earth, but flat earth isn’t a requirement for this theory nor do most flat earthers believe it.

Image source: inkstainedgoblin, Daniel Handl

#19 That Finland doesn’t exist

Image source: im-a-disaster, Max Avans

#20 Conspiracy 58. Basically, a conspiracy that the World Cup from 1958 never happened in Sweden as it was broadcast and it was a CIA psy-op. The conspiracy is documented in a movie *Conspiracy 58,* which makes a very compelling case – until at the every end of the credits, were it claims to be a work of fiction (but the text only in Swedish). People legitimately believe this theory now.

Image source: malleoceruleo, Sveriges Television


Image source: Mr_Squids, Irina Iriser

Covid was not a virus, it was actually the result of the Catholic church lacing the world’s water supply with King Cobra venom in order to genetically transform the world’s populace into snake-human-demon hybrids, thus preventing them from going to heaven. This was all because the scientific name of the King Cobra and a piece of a bishop’s miter contain the word “corona”. The person who presented this theory apparently had no idea that corona just means crown in latin, he was presumably too busy being contacted by God through fortune cookies he got from a chinese restaurant.

#22 Traffic barrels are left up for so long because the department of transportation bought too many & has no place to store them

Image source: dailysunshineKO, Brian Crawford

#23 The “5g waves emitted by the Emergency Broadcast test activate the Covid vaccine microchips and turn people into zombies/give them Marburg” one is definitely one of the weirdest I’ve ever heard

Image source: furiousfran, RF._.studio


Image source: AdBeneficial4699, Warner Brothers

A very strange conspiracy theory I’ve heard about is the story of the “Lizardpeople” or “reptilians”. According to this theory, high-ranking political leaders and celebrities are actually hidden humanoid reptilians who control the world. They are supposed to be able to change their form and aim to manipulate humanity. It sounds like the script of a science fiction movie, but there are people who really believe it. Well, sometimes people’s imagination knows no bounds!

#25 That owning chickens are the gateway drug to believing conspiracy theories

Image source: sarcasmawm, Magda Ehlers

#26 We’re all infected by parasites that feed on our stress hormones reseased by negative emotions like guilt, sadness, anger, fear, and so on. They control our minds and, thereby, us to an extent. The only way to combat them is by being aware and questioning if your thoughts and actions are truly your own thoughts and actions.

Image source: 42clickslater, Liza Summer

Cyber Returns: I always question my thoughts. Most of the time they don’t make the slightest bit of sense

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