Before And After Pics Of A 73-Year-Old Mom Who Lost Over 50 Pounds With The Help Of Her Daughter

Published 4 years ago

When doctors told Joan MacDonald, a then 70-year-old woman from Ontario, Canada, that she would have to up the dosages of her medication if she continues with her lifestyle, instead of simply accepting her fate, she decided to drastically turn her life around. Over the course of the next three years with the help of her daughter, the woman got in shape, lost over 50 pounds, and even appeared on the cover of a fitness magazine! Joan proved that it’s never too late to make a change and her progress pics speak for themselves – check them out in the gallery below!

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Canadian woman Joan MacDonald started her journey three years ago

The woman saw her own mother’s health declining in a nursing home and that was the wake-up call she needed

Of course, Joan’s journey wasn’t easy. At first, the woman didn’t allow anyone to take photos of her and had a hard time accepting where she was. “It was a very tough place to be, and I stayed in that place for a very long time,” said the woman in one of her posts. Eventually, Joan learned to feel comfortable in her own skin and achieved incredible progress.

You have to agree that Joan’s progress pics speak for themselves

“I knew I had to do something different,” said the woman in an interview with Shape. “I had watched my mom go through the same thing, taking medication after medication, and I didn’t want that life for myself.”

Joan’s daughter Michelle, a yoga practitioner, competitive powerlifter, and professional chef helped her throughout her journey

Joan received tremendous support from her daughter Michelle, a yogi and a competitive powerlifter, throughout her journey. The woman started by joining Michelle’s online workout program and began focusing more on her strength and endurance by practicing yoga and lifting weights.

“I made up my mind that I could do it and I refused to quit no matter how daunting it was,” said Joan

The woman refused to give up no matter how hard it got, going to the gym despite her arthritis, acid reflux and vertigo. “I just focused on taking it one day at a time … did my best, allowed myself to make mistakes, and never gave up,” said Joan.

The woman lost over 60 pounds and says she no longer takes any medication

Joan prays for courage and grit to keep on going, dreaming and acting out her dreams for a better quality of living

People loved Joan’s inspirational story

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