20 Brilliant Ceramic Works That People Proudly Shared In This Online Group

Published 1 year ago

Ceramics seems like an interesting hobby, doesn’t it? Yes, it requires patience, attention to detail, and lots of time, but when you look at the end result, you immediately realize that it was all worth it.

If you are still not convinced, we have collected some interesting examples from the r/Ceramics community to make you understand the wonderful art of ceramics. Check out some of the most beautiful ceramic works in the gallery below, and get inspired.

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#1 How About Some Frogs?

Image source: Em_Art

#2 Autumn-Themed Cat Commission

Image source: BattleScarLion

#3 Leave Me Alone

Image source: bibothebarbarian

#4 Carving A Flamingo In Colored Clay! Sorry For The Awkward Camera Angles, Still Experimenting With Recording My Process

Image source: cryptidcat

#5 Check Out These Shrines Made By My Girlfriend. She Is Always Way Too Insecure About Her Ceramics

Image source: Stoneway933R

#6 Hippo, Hand Sculpted And Raku Fired Ceramic

Image source: Im_The_Government

#7 My Pangolin Jar Survived The Kiln!

Image source: cryptidcat

#8 Made A Plate To Propose To My Now Fiancé

Image source: dougierubes

#9 My Wheel Thrown Pot With Some Hand Built Mushrooms !

Image source: limsclay

#10 Cone 8, Colored Porcelain

Image source: ForestCeramicCo

#11 First Teapot!

Image source: inblueviolet

#12 Got This Finished Beauty From The Kiln! I’m Also Accepted To Art School To Study Ceramics On A 75% Scholarship – It Doesn’t Feel Real. Today’s A Good Day

Image source: soulramics

#13 Extremely Happy With My Improvement In Just One Year

Image source: beingOnlyMe

#14 Here’s A Pottery Piece I Found On Facebook (Source In Comments)

Image source: Vandinite, Johnson Tsang

#15 Made This Ceramic Manta Ray Brooch To Celebrate This Ocean Creature. Each Piece Is Uniquely Glazed

Image source: thepomelolady

#16 This Is One Of My Moms More Recent Works. What Do You Think?

Image source: Im_The_Government

#17 Extreme Glaze (Porcelain, Cone 6)

Image source: RestEqualsRust

#18 Follow Up On The Rakoon, To Seal The Deal. The Whiskers Are Nylon

Image source: Im_The_Government

#19 My Moms Ceramic Teapot

Image source: planckIQ

#20 Angry Bull Incense Burner

Image source: Iron-Chen09

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