Crafting Festive Fantasia: 35 DIY Creators Who Brought Out The Christmas Magic

Published 6 months ago

As the holiday season rolls around, creative spirits come alive, and individuals take to social media platforms to showcase their festive prowess. In a recent internet sensation, DIY enthusiasts from across the globe shared their extraordinary Christmas decorations, proving that with a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of imagination, anyone can transform their homes into winter wonderlands.

Let’s explore some remarkable instances where individuals absolutely won the internet with their ingenious DIY Christmas decor.

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#1 Needle-Felted A Polar Bear In The Holiday Spirit

Image source: growup_andblowaway

shanila.pheonix_ : “ICE BEAR”


#2 I Painted The Grinch For Christmas

Image source: edieevens

Auntriarch : “What a Christmas card that would make!”

#3 My Parents Used To Kiss When Going Through This Bridge When They Were Dating. I Found A Picture Of It And Painted It On A Christmas Ornament

Image source: hideho1972

Mimi La Souris : “awwwwww”

Emily : “My heart is melting!”

#4 Painted A Few More Ornaments, This Time Some Tiny Bullfinches

Image source: C16H18ClN3S

Crissy Newbury : “Absolutely gorgeous.”

#5 Some Of My Favorite Ornaments I’ve Made This Year

Image source: jordancamilleart

Nonnie Bear : “I would buy the snowflake right now!”

#6 I Want To Share Some Little Dinosaurs I Crafted Last Christmas Using Needle Felting

Image source: Lapetitedaudau

𝕊𝕙𝕪 𝔻𝕣𝕒𝕘𝕠𝕟 (they/them : “so-so-s… *cuteness overload*”

#7 “God Bless Us, Everyone”. Needle-Felted Characters From “A Muppet Christmas Carol”, By Me

Image source: Sunshine-Honeybee888

This project started with the Ghost of Christmas Present earlier this year, and then I added many of my favorite characters to the collection since then. These are all the characters I have made this year. I hope to add to it in the following year. I hope I did them justice. Happy Holidays.

#8 My Mom Makes Personalized Stockings For Each Member Of The Family. This Is Her Newest, Made For My Husband For Our First Christmas As A Married Couple

Image source: charityt2018

Breadcrumb. : “Talented and sweet!”

#9 I Made Some Festive Tree Ornaments

Image source: Marmasghetti

#10 I Made A Holiday Door Hanger

Image source: lilgadget

L. Murphy : “That is clever and a great use of candy canes since they taste terrible.”

Emily : “That’s so creative!”

#11 Annual Christmas Wreath Making Last Week. Bit Of Foraging And Lots Of Garden Cuttings

Image source: h.e.l.e.n_m.a.r.t.i.n

#12 Christmas Ornaments I Painted. I Was Inspired By Vintage Postcards

Image source: mipittura

#13 My First Paper Quilling Christmas Art Of The Year – They Were Actually Pretty Easy To Make And Didn’t Require Any Special Tools

Image source: MiriamsQuilling

#14 Decided On A Whim To Make These Ornaments

Image source: Human_Maintenance611

My dad always has the tub of cheese balls around for him and his grandkids, so I saw the ornament and wanted to get it but it was almost $40. So, I decided to make my own. The cost of new materials was less than $13 and they’re not perfect but I feel like if I made them again they would be. I designed the label in Bazaart, ran through Remini to add resolution, and printed it at Walgreens in wallet size. Orange acrylic in a giant ziplock and tossed the styrofoam balls til coated then laid in a parchment paper lined box to dry. Photos I just lined up on some packing tape, took a metal chopstick and put it over the flame of a stove burner, and melted a hole in the middle then used purple acrylic on the lid and then used polycrylic over that. I shoved the crafting string stuff in after tying it off for a loop, after adding in my “cheese balls” I gorilla glued the tops on.

#15 I Have A Friend Who Hates Christmas Wreaths. She Happens To Have A Great Affection For Valais Black-Nosed Sheep, So I Presented Her With This. Safe To Say She No Longer Hates All Wreaths

Image source: DaisyDee13

Leslie Harris : “Most favourite sheep, wish I could up vote it more than once. They are sooooo cute!”

#16 My Most Recent Make. Capy Christmas

Image source: millmaestudio

𝕊𝕙𝕪 𝔻𝕣𝕒𝕘𝕠𝕟 (they/them : “ohmycat i need that”

Aroace tiger (she/they/he) : “I need to show this to my friend”

SPARKIZE : “i will hug him/her they/them n squeeze em’ n fill em’ with love”

#17 Porcelain Christmas Ornaments That I Painted With Dinos. Just Because I Love Christmas And I Love Dinos

Image source: foxyandpaper

#18 Handmade Wooden Grinch Ornament – No Stain Or Paint

Image source: Fisch2481

I used poplar for face and hands, aspen for the whites (I go back and forth between aspen and maple for white colors. Maple is easier to work with but aspen is a bit whiter), yellowheart for the eyes and padauk for the body.

#19 Look At This Huge Reindeer My Partner Made

Image source: jonesymate

Last year she said to me that she was going to make a life size reindeer for next Christmas. I didn’t think much of it. She joined a woodworking club this year and learned some new skills. I think it’s pretty damn cool.

#20 Quilted Ornaments As Christmas Gifts

Image source: Piper_Dear

I am not a crafty person, but I am so proud of these. They’re christmas gifts for family, so I can’t share them anywhere else. I think I’ve found my new hobby.

#21 Stained Glass Christmas Pickles I Made

Image source: kazoo3179

#22 I Made 8 Different Hanging Ornaments With Leather

Image source: taod86

#23 Year 5 Of Making Christmas Ornaments For My Family And Close Friends – My Favorite Time Of Year

Image source: lycra-and-leggings

This year I wanted to learn to crochet – I designed these fish and added beaded embellishments. I am obsessed. 20 total, was super fun to develop the pattern/process as I went and chose unique colors for each one. It will be hard to part with them, but I am keeping a couple for me and my husband, until next year.

#24 I Made Christmas Ornaments Of My 3 Cats

Image source: chuffberry

#25 Christmas Cookie Magnets. They’re Made From Polymer Clay And Some Acrylic Paint

Image source: WittyMaintenance3042

#26 I Completed My DIY Christmas Wreath And It Smells Heavenly

Image source: raisingrodmans

#27 Dried Citrus. It Not Only Looks Beautiful But Smells Amazing, Too

Image source: mustloveherbs

#28 Christmas Watermelephant Ornaments And Figurines

Image source: hannahporcelain

Mimi La Souris : “TAKE MY MONEY !:D they are so cute !”

#29 I Really Can’t Stop Sewing This Year. Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

Image source: Alyona_BM

#30 Ornaments I Make During The Holiday Season

Image source: Miserable_Comedian78

#31 Handmade Christmas Decorations Turned Out Much Better Than Expected

Image source: TwoGunGonzalez

#32 My Husband Made These Really Adorable Ornaments For Our Tree

Image source: etlifereview

#33 A Little Ornament I Made For The Tree. It’s Fra-Gee-Lay

Image source: kazoo3179

#34 Started Making My Family Christmas Ornaments

Image source: freshblueeyes

#35 I Made A Globe Christmas Bauble

Image source: Parnasium

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