20 Times People Wrapped Christmas Gifts In Creative Ways

Published 1 year ago

Are you all prepared for Christmas? Done with the decorations and other stuff? If you haven’t decided on the gifts for your loved ones even now, here is a list of thoughtful last-minute gifts that might help you.

Once you’ve decided on a gift, try giving a little thought to wrapping it with a pinch of creativity. Gift wrapping is an art and some people nail this skill in amazing ways. Check out some of the most brilliant gift-wrapping ideas in the gallery below.

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#1 My Husband Always Got Colored Pencils For His Birthday And Christmas Growing Up And He Hates Them Cause He’s Colorblind. He’s Wanted An iPhone Forever So Today I Bought Him One And This Is How I Wrapped It

Image source: jabberingginger

#2 My Girlfriend Has Problems Opening Gifts Early. I Have A Problem With People Opening Gifts Early

Image source: whosdadog

#3 How One Of My Coworkers Wrapped His Secret Santa Gift

Image source: trevorda92

#4 Gift Wrapping For My Neice

Image source: kaztas

#5 Our Son Wants A Duffel Bag For Christmas. We Decided To Give Him Cash And Chocolate Chip Cookie Ingredients As Well

Image source: nickelmedia

#6 How My Mom Wrapped My Sister’s Rug For Christmas

Image source: pvsa

#7 Inspired By All Your Wrapping Posts, I Dug Out This Old Travel Brochure And Ripped Out The Beautiful Photos To Wrap Up My Gifts

Image source: gi-joshby

#8 My Friend Wrapped Up A Toilet Plunger For Our White Elephant Party

Image source: drunkasaurus_rex

#9 Dragon Eggs & Chest Gift Wrap

Image source: Jlovel11

#10 *jurassic Park Theme Plays In The Background*

Image source: tejanochica

#11 Taking Gift Disguising To A New Level. This Is Just A Golf Umbrella And Was Constructed Out Of Cardboard And Duct Tape

Image source: altrefrain

#12 Just Finished Wrapping My Wife’s Kindle

Image source: Jasonrj

#13 100 Zip Ties And Definitely Worth It!

Image source: granthalamew

#14 Snowman Giftwrap. The Head And Body Are Hollow Styrofoam And Hold The Presents. Added A Scarf And Hat For Decoration

Image source: Jlovel11

#15 Bought My Wife A Tablet For Christmas, This Is How I Wrapped It

Image source: na4ion1

#16 My Friend Finished Wrapping His Wife’s Presents. Left One A Perfume, Right One A Sweater

Image source: mowa111

#17 Locked Gift For An Escape Room Gift Certificate

Image source: Jlovel11

#18 I Got My Dad A Pair Of Skis For Christmas So To Confuse And Scare Him A Little Bit, I Wrapped It Like This

Image source: lusankya

#19 Told My Boyfriend I Was Getting Him A Burger For Christmas

Image source: Ao-Eleni

#20 Our Family Has A 35+ Year Tradition Of Disguising Christmas Gifts. This Took Over 80 Hours To Build

Image source: altrefrain

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