30 Most Creative Signs Spotted At The 2019 Climate Strike

Published 5 years ago

Less than a week ago, on the 20th of September, people from all around the world gathered in multiple strikes to raise awareness of the problems caused by climate change and the lack of action from politicians’ in order to help stop it. This global event, called the Global Climate Strike, happened just a few days before the Climate Action Summit in New York and with both children and seniors showing up, the event proved that you can’t be too young or too old to voice your opinion about what truly matters.

It’s no surprise that the event attracted numerous creative people who showed up to the strike bearing some pretty clever signs. Check out the most creative signs spotted at the 2019 Global Climate Strike in the gallery below!

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Image source: awlilnatty


Image source: birgit_maass


Image source: DunneBreen


Image source: MW_Unrest


Image source: JoshButler


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Image source: PWDAustralia


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Image source: Ganjm001


Image source: cruticus


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Image source: FairAusPol


Image source: ALeighMP


Image source: MW_Unrest


Image source: FairAusPol


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Image source: MsKateLyons


Image source: itsjamesherring


Image source: thejoshmaxwell


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Image source: itsjamesherring


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Image source: SalesyNewy



Image source: itsjamesherring


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Image source: naamanzhou

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