30 Of The Most Unique And Creative Crocheted Works, As Shared In This Online Community

Published 1 year ago

The art of crocheting has always been a great past-time hobby for people from all walks of life. Since this artwork is meditative and helps to develop focus, presence, and patience, it is a perfect avocation for recreation.

Today, we’ve collected some amazing crocheting projects from the subreddit called r/crochet. Needless to say, Redditors do not fail to stun with their impressive works. Check out some of their most incredible crocheting projects in the gallery below. And if you want to see more, see our previous post here.

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#1 Christmas Gifts Are Done! ? I Have A Huge Family, And Need To Save Money This Year, So I Made Everyone Their Chinese Zodiac Animal For The Year They Were Born

Image source: sippin-tea-time

#2 Finished This Two Piece Combo And I’m Happy With The Result? It Feels Soft And Warm On My Skin And I’m Looking Forward To Autumn Now? What Du You Think??

Image source: Aibe96

#3 Bittersweet Ending. My Dad Is The One I Usually Share My Completed Projects With But He Passed A Few Months Ago And This Is The First Thing I’ve Completed Since He’s Been Gone

Image source: aGirlySloth

#4 I Quit Smoking And Now I’m Addicted To Making Cute Beanies ???

Image source: mitchyymooo

#5 Sadly The White Elephant I Made For A White Elephant Gift Party Really Didn’t Go Over Well. The Person Who Ended Up With It Was Very Mean And Was Going To Give To His Dog. Definitely Never Making Anything For A Party Again

Image source: raynebow121

#6 I Made 120 Bees

Image source: Greeendaytj

#7 Grandson’s Christmas Present

Image source: dee5222

#8 Parasol

Image source: iamacraftyhooker

#9 Finally Finished This Notebook Paper Blanket!

Image source: aviiatrix

#10 I Made This Little Dinosaur For My Niece’s 8th Birthday!

Image source: -One_Upper-

#11 For My First Ever Wearable Project…i May Have Forgotten What A Human Sized Head Looked Like

Image source: atwoheadedcat

#12 My First Crochet With Light ?

Image source: rcjvnr04

#13 Finished My First Dress! It’s Not Perfect, But I Love The Fit And Feel Of It. So Excited To Continue Expanding My Wardrobe With My Own Hands

Image source: MrsLemony

#14 Magnetic Stacking Ice Cream Cones

Image source: rach11

#15 My Mom Crochets And Donated 48 Blankets To Sick Children This Year

Image source: seacogen

#16 Finally Finished My Persian Tiles Blanket!

Image source: charly709

#17 Finished Froggy Hoodie For My BF!

Image source: AutomaticDoughnut823

#18 My Leaf Blanket Is Done!!

Image source: Squidwardit

#19 Obsessed With This Newly Finished Throw! It’s Going To Be Tough Handing It Off To My Friends

Image source: TheodoreKarlShrubs

#20 Small Lavender Made With .6mm Hook And Size 80 Cotton Thread

Image source: DaintyFlairCrochet

#21 I Made This Frog And Had To Take It To The Beach

Image source: carmenelsa

#22 My Crochet Dragon Scale Gloves, Love The Colour Transition On These

Image source: Tired_Pigeon

#23 So Excited To Be Finished With This Skirt!

Image source: allhailcupfish

#24 This Is My First Post In Reddit Ever So I Don’t Know What To Do Here :) . I Am Disabled From A Car Accident Since 1999 And Bedbound. Knitting And Crocheting Is My Only Activity That I Have Learned Lately From Youtube. So Ií Am New To Crocheting Also. Here Is My Latest Crochet Blouse To Start With

Image source: Anitra70

#25 The Cats Have Already Accepted Her Into Their Coven

Image source: katie22914

#26 Currently Making Cat Paw Chair Socks, And I’m Dying Over How Cute They Are

Image source: sippin-tea-time

#27 I Actually Finished It. I Can’t Believe I Actually Finished It

Image source: SgtLt-Einstein

#28 My Octopus Needs A Name! ?

Image source: evanenby96

#29 Newest Blanket I Just Finished :)

Image source: freeplywood

#30 Finished! ?

Image source: BornDesigner6014

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