20 Incredible Ideas As Shared By ‘Creative Gardening’ Facebook Group

Published 2 years ago

Gardening is an amazing hobby and a very fulfilling one if you are a dedicated gardener. Not only does it help us connect with nature, but it also provides a channel to express our creativity.

Many plant-lovers often use their creative abilities to amp up their garden area. A Facebook Group called “Creative Gardening” provides a platform for those gardening enthusiasts to share photos of their gardens. You might find some inspiration and DIY ideas from their photos. Check out some of the interesting ones in the gallery below.

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Image source: Laura Hein Webb

“Our pondless waterfall

Wow! I’m overwhelmed by the responses! We had this professionally done a couple of years ago. We had leftover water coloring from our hot tub (don’t remember the brand), and tossed it in to see what happened. The waterfall is in direct sunlight, so we do have problems with string algae. The rocks were power washed this spring, and I skim out algae as necessary.

Thank you so much for the compliments!”


Image source: Dawn Blakeslee

“I’m super lucky that my guy not only loves to garden but is an amazing DIY person! I have the eye for design and color.
He did the pond himself (weeks of you tube videos lol).
When we bought this house ten years ago it was mostly gravel and there was a deck falling apart which we removed.”


Image source: Dawn Meehan

“My outdoor “painting “. Easel made from tree branches cut from my red cedar, frame found at Goodwill, flower arrangement bought from roadside farm market, hummingbird from DollarTree.”


Image source: Joyce Mayer

“Having retired and down sizing I was longing for my gardens I had worked to establish for over 20 years When I saw what I was given to work with I was pretty discouraged, but I recited the old saying, “Grow where you are planted” and walla.”


Image source: Becky Hillmann

“If you have old buckets/pails this was my project over the weekend.”


Image source: Terri Johanson

“Hello ! Here are a couple other snaps of areas of my gardens. I designed everything including the She Shed. As well, did most of the work including but not limited to, flagstone, marble and tile. The house and garden was a repo and a mess. I drug in rocks from the rivers of Montana, the beach and many other places. Most of my hard scapes are estate sale finds. I do most of my own baskets and pots. I live in zone 7. W. Oregon. Basically a rain forest. I’m a 3x can survivor. I had a bone marrow transplant 24 years ago and survived it. Therefore, I’m not afraid of much. Especially color. My neighbors love it and bring their guests over. I make my own compost. Baskets and window baskets. Lots of fertilizer. Slow release granules when I plant and water soluble by Proven Winners twice a week when everything is in full bloom. I hope that this encourages others. Happy Gardening!”


Image source: Gail Christiansen


Image source: Nino Razmadze


Image source: Alexander Harris


Image source: Alexander Harris


Image source: Matt Hindal


Image source: Naira Sikma


Image source: Athena Tucker


Image source: Germaine Morabito


Image source: Malkhaz Buzhaidze


Image source: C.C.’s Urban Garden CA

“I got this from a dear friend and in the wind storm it fell over & was broken but I added some soil & now it’s beautiful again.”


Image source: Tara Vivian

“My mums old wooden ladder was no longer safe in my opinion, painted and turned into a stand for plants and garden treasures. Matches my house doors, pots and patio chairs, it’s not all full yet, but you get idea. Had to add a shim on each support bar as they don’t match the height of the steps. Its not level, as the ground isn’t level, and I can’t be bothered to adjust it, good enough for me!”


Image source: Chrystal Rogers Kirkpatrick

“It’s so hot in Texas, even the sunflowers are trying to stay cool!”


Image source: Jai Ramadhin


Image source: Rosie Womack

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