30 Of The Most Creative Gardening Ideas Shared To This Online Community

Published 3 years ago

Just because you weren’t born with a green thumb shouldn’t stop you from trying your hand at gardening. After all, it costs nearly next to nothing and can be done anywhere from your windowsill to your backyard. Be warned, however, – this hobby is highly addicting, and you’ll find yourself saving seeds from the fruit and veggies you eat just to try your hand at growing them before you know it.

If you decided to take up gardening and are looking for some inspirational ideas, then look no further than the r/Gardening subreddit. The friendly folk there are always happy to answer all of your questions and regularly share their own amazing gardens. Check out some of the most impressive gardens and creative ideas shared to this subreddit in the gallery below!

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#1 Our Local Farmers Have Established So-Called “Flora Belts” For The Bees In Their Fields (Funen, Denmark)

Image source: NulloK

#2 My Dad’s Creation To Support The Single Orange I Managed To Grow

Image source: kuynhxchi

#3 My Melons Needed Some Support

Image source: Dr-Dendro

#4 My Dad’s Japanese Garden On The First Sunny Day Of 2019

Image source: fluffycatbelly1

#5 Dragon Fruits On My Rooftop Garden

Image source: momtazali

#6 Pallet Planter Box For Cascading Flowers

Image source: hertoolbelt

Cut pieces of pallet slat to 40″ and attach to the legs for the front and 16″ for the sides. I originally used a brad nailer, but some of the wood started to warp when wet and I went back and used 1 1/4″ screws. Spacing the holes about every 6″ or so. Now the fun part, planting the flowers. These flowers are Wave petunias that I got at Costco, you can also rotate the flowers between regular, cascade and wave petunias. You need good potting mix and you need to add Soil Moist to help retain water. I put a layer of weed guard down on the bottom, because I had a few holes. You may have a little dirt wash out for the first little while, but once the plants start growing this will stop. Add the first row of flowers, then cover with soil. I realized that the box is kind of large and is going to use a lot of dirt (2 bags). I remember reading somewhere that you can use packing peanuts as filler, hope I remember that right. I put them in the far back where the flowers wouldn’t be planted. Then cover with more dirt. Add the third row of flowers, fill with dirt and plant flowers on top. You need to water the flowers everyday, the holes let the dirt get dry. I usually water until the water leaks from the lower holes. I also fertilize 1/week.

#7 After Clearing Out A Wheelchair, Three Mismatched Shoes, A Deflated Ball And A Buried Chunk Of Brick Wall, I Finally Have My Very First Garden

Image source: Vogelina

#8 A Beautifully Coloured Glass Greenhouse At The North Brooklyn Farm’s Community Garden

Image source: tomfruin

#9 My Grandma Is Very Proud To Show You Her Garden

Image source: allyschup

#10 Everyone Said I Was Out Of My Mind 3 Years Ago When I Started Growing A Pineapple From One I Bought At The Grocery Store. Well Who’s Laughing Now

Image source: iis4isaac

#11 This Was Just A Pile Of Dirt When We Moved Here 2 Years Ago

Image source: kearneycation

#12 Incorporating Rain Into Your Garden

Image source: BeeSilver9

#13 The Poison Garden Established In 2005 By The Duchess Of Northumberland. The Garden Contains Over 100 Deadly And Hallucinogenic Plants

Image source: Unicornglitteryblood

#14 Hubs Deployed And Said I Could Build A Garden To Keep Me Busy. Never Built Anything Before, Did My Best And Can’t Wait To Show Him

Image source: Effulgence_

#15 A Year After We Got Rid Of The Drought Tolerant Weeds And Planted Drought Tolerant Flowers, Yard Is In Full Effect

Image source: TryMyBalut

#16 Grow A Sunflower House For The Kids To Play In

Image source: matzoballsandchoppedliver

#17 Last Spring I Converted Our Front Lawn To A Vegetable Garden. Today We Opened A Little Community Seed Library To Encourage Neighbors To Get Growing Too

Image source: Mumster

#18 Feed Them

Image source: reddit.com

#19 A Little Garden Lighting Project

Image source: Where_Lions_Roam

#20 Watering Your Plants While On Vacation

Image source: 5_Frog_Margin

#21 The Easiest Way To Water Your Garden

Image source: 5_Frog_Margin

#22 My Garage Wall When I Bought My House In 2016 To Now. Still A Work In Progress, But It’s Coming Together

Image source: donorum88

#23 I Want My Lawn To Feed Me Not Vice Versa

Image source: saltynurs3

#24 Just Made A Garden With My Mom, She Think It Looks Terrible But I Like It

Image source: Creepercraft110

#25 Hello, I’m Alessandro And This Is My Urban Garden In London, UK. I’m Also Passionate About Beekeeping And I Do Everything 100% Organic

Image source: spicymoustache

#26 Tried To Organize My Patio Cactus/Succulent Garden

Image source: biborno

#27 Built A Planter Box Bench This Past Weekend. What Do You Think?

Image source: ssprings7

#28 What A Difference A Few Years Can Make. Idea 2017 vs. Established Garden 2020

Image source: Phraxes

#29 A Bit Late To The Party, But Here’s My Lockdown Garden Transformation

Image source: -LargeHardOnCollider

#30 A Couple Of Years Ago I Threw A Pineapple Top In The Dirt To Compost. Today I’m Harvesting These Two Beauties

Image source: Johnny_Carcinogenic

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