This Online Group Is Dedicated To Sharing The Most Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Wanted (30 Pics)

Published 3 years ago

All of us love novelty items that either make our lives a little easier or a little more fun. And while you probably have a few things like tie flasks or those human-shaped knife holders laying around your home, turns out there are plenty more of them out there that you probably never even heard about. But worry not – the ‘Didn’t Know I Wanted That’ community on Reddit has got you covered.

The users of this subreddit with nearly 800k members regularly share all sorts of cool things that will make you say “shut up and take my money!”. From squid kites to giant Snorlax pillows, check out some of the most amazing things shared to this subreddit in the gallery below!

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#1 I Want And You Do Too

Image source:

#2 This Remote Has A Headphone Plug In It To Listen To TV Quietly

Image source: superp0rk

#3 Glowing Nightlight Lamp With Removable Glow Balls For Trips To The Bathroom

Image source:

#4 A Maga Hat But With An Actual Statement

Image source: homosexualpenguin

#5 These Lines Go Up The Wall So You Can Park Perfectly In-Between The Lines

Image source:

#6 Soy Sauce Dishes That “Reveal” A Painting Once You Fill Them Up

Image source: aliciam_d

#7 This Skull Shaped Charcoal Takes BBQ To The Next Level

Image source:

#8 Didn’t Know I Wanted Squid Kite

Image source:

#9 This TV Show Idea

Image source: Bl00dSp0rt

#10 This Giant Family Tent Has Private Bedroom Compartments And A Full Living Area!

Image source: Cattreddit

#11 This Window

Image source:

#12 Need This Now

Image source:

#13 Mr. Bean Cut Out

Image source: 2FlyEry

#14 Giant Crocheted Snorlax

Image source:

#15 Steamer Boat Lid

Image source: WomanNotAGirl

#16 People, This Is A Lamp!

Image source:

#17 Bunk Bed With Stairs

Image source:

#18 This Fire Pit Though

Image source: Pepe_Le_Meme

#19 F**k Em Sand Castles, I Want To Make Sand Skeletons

Image source:

#20 A Self-Standing Over-Sink Dishes Rack

Image source:

#21 A Rocking Chair For You And Your Kids

Image source: VitorMaGon

#22 These Knee Pads With Wheels

Image source:

#23 Gift Card

Image source:

#24 This Key

Image source:

#25 An Atlas Of Every Color Imaginable

Image source: AntiChristoffer

#26 This Sub Was My First Thought When As I Saw This

Image source: anyamin

#27 A Built-In Watering Hole For Your Pets

Image source: Theheadandthefart

#28 Not Just A Doormat I Want, A Doormat I Need

Image source:

#29 Maybe A Friend Of Mine Need Them

Image source: bringeroftherain

#30 Floor Lamp

Image source:

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