This Online Group Shares Interesting And Creative Gardening Pics, And Here Are 30 Of Their Best Posts

Published 2 years ago

Surrounding ourselves with nature can actually have a positive impact on our lives – whether it’s a short walk around a forest trail or a relaxing stroll in the garden, it refreshes the soul and makes us think more clearly about things.

So, if you have a garden, don’t forget to relax and unwind there today. And if the thought of redecorating your garden comes across your mind, then the subreddit r/gardening might help you. Check out some of their photos and creative ideas related to gardening, plants, and agriculture in the gallery below.

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#1 My Little Cactus Patch Has Turned Out Alright

Image source: Rastapopolix

#2 Bodacious

Image source: burnin8t0r

#3 Moss Garden I Put Together Using Moss Collected From Parking Lots

Image source: GuitardedAndBroke

#4 Two Years I Quit Drinking And Got Addicted To Something A Little Healthier. Transformed My Yard All Alone, Did The Same To Myself In The Process

Image source: MackHarrison3260

#5 The Lighting Must Have Been Just Right, I Managed To Snap This Photo Of My Roses And My Dog This Morning And Thought You All Might Like It

Image source: dskentucky

#6 Made A Seed Book From A Cd Case

Image source: yabezuno

#7 Before And After (3 Yrs, London, UK)

Image source:  SofiaFrancesca

#8 My Most Prolific Bloomer This Year! This Orchid Has Over 96 Large Flowers And Buds And Is Still Producing More

Image source: astutelyabsurd

#9 I’m Usually Just A Lurker Here But This Baby Just Bloomed Last Night And Had To Share

Image source: KvotheStormbringer

#10 My Niece Loves Rainbows And I Love Gardening (And Rainbows)

Image source: Nimalla

#11 Before And After! 2 Year Update On My Super Tiny Walled Garden. It’s My Favorite ‘Room’ In The Apartment. I Feel So Lucky

Image source:  fae_forge

#12 Blue Smoke Cactus

Image source: SilverEyedFreak

#13 I’m Disabled And Live In A 12th-Floor Apartment But I Made A Garden Happen And I Love It So Much!

Image source: CrazyCatLushie

#14 I Planted Bleeding Hearts Last Year Because My Wife Liked Them. She Passed Away In January. I Wasn’t Sure They Survived But My Son Took This Picture This Morning

Image source: DadsRGR8

#15 Life And Death At The Hardware Store

Image source: Guygan

#16 Something To Keep In Mind While Doing Spring Yard Work! Wrapping Tape Sticky Side Out Around The Ankles Seems To Work Pretty Good For Catching Ticks

Image source: prolific_ideas

#17 I Added A Moon Gate To My Backyard Japanese Garden, I’m Really Happy With How It Turned Out

Image source: MannyDantyla

#18 Last Year, I Planted My First Roses Ever. This Is The Biggest Reward I Could Get!

Image source: Global_Flamingo_3767

#19 The Biggest Potato I’ve Grown This Year

Image source: juujbeans

#20 Always Check Your Pots Before Planting!

Image source: 18Equi

#21 The Results Of My Hard Work This Year. All Grown, Loved, And Dried By Me

Image source: kaitie-babie

#22 Homegrown Carrot

Image source: Natalina__

#23 From My Minnesota Garden — Ranunculus, Peonies, Iceland Poppies, Lilacs, Anemones, Aquilegia, Orlaya, Spirea

Image source: levi_joseph

#24 Ladies And Gentlemen, After 2 Years And 3 Failed Attempts… I Have Finally Grown Broccoli

Image source: Victory_gin_19-84

#25 I Built A Greenhouse Out Of Reclaimed Materials, How Did I Do?

Image source: hagemeyp

#26 My Garden This Evening Finally Feels Like A Little Oasis

Image source: theunlikelyfloof

#27 Why Is That?

Image source: Mikosu04,

#28 If You Build It, They Will Come

Image source: vulnerabledonut

#29 Mum Has Gone A Little Tomato Crazy This Year!

Image source: MattJak

#30 Absolute Perfection

Image source: mazekeen19

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