35 Times Pets Ruled Halloween

Published 7 months ago

Halloween isn’t just a time for humans to don their spookiest or most creative costumes. Our furry, feathered, and scaly friends also get a chance to shine, as pet owners go above and beyond to dress them up in adorable and often hilarious Halloween costumes.

Let’s celebrate those times when pet Halloween costumes did not disappoint, delivering smiles and laughter to all who saw them. Check out some of the best pet Halloween costumes below.

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#1 Our Pup’s Halloween Costume – Corgberus

Image source: SignKitchen

lily jones : “okay this one’s my favourite”

Tara Moov : “A woofer and sub woofers”

K Tigress : “Corgi says “why humans why?””

#2 He’s Got Some Halloween Costumes

Image source: Lemonde25

glowworm2 : “That is ridiculously adorable.”

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “No! Not the fangsies!”

Mrs Irish Mom : “That is deadly looking, my dog wouldnt even let us try his costume on him.”

#3 But Grandma, What Big Ears You Have

Image source: simplysarek

deejak : “Those two are really embracing their roles! Bravo!”

#4 Happy Halloween From Daisy

Image source: Amiigo7

Ethereal Haze : “Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble”

glowworm2 : “Daisy is the cutest little witch.”

#5 Pickleball It’s Kind Of A Big Dill

Image source: kimnosenchuk

Mrs Irish Mom : “Two cute lil pickles”

#6 Somebody Got Their Halloween Costume Early

Image source: scarlettvalone

Madre_Dr4gnZFly : “If ever a bunny could give an evil glare, this would be it!”

L. Murphy : “That bunny has an acute case of the cutes.”

#7 It’s The Wizard Of Pawz

Image source: rileyandnova

David : “Follow the yellow dog’s butt! Follow the yellow dog’s butt!”

#8 Spooky Season

Image source: Abwettar

ShyWahine : “He doesn’t seem to carrot all for this getup, but I think it’s ear-resistible…”

#9 Hope That Everyone Has A Happy Halloween

Image source: tunameltsmyheart

David : “That dog looks so nervous he probably just beed himself.”

#10 True Story

Image source: flynn_jager

Hazel Beswick : “is it really stealing if they were just left out there”

#11 Ready For Halloween

Image source: memezzer

sbj : “Cuteness overload”

#12 My Brother Sent Me His Dog’s Halloween Costume, Dogatello

Image source: derrekbgn

Mrs Irish Mom : “Wow looks cool, my dog will bearly let me put a cute jumper on him”

#13 My Dog Stanley Dressed As Steve Jobs For Halloween

Image source: pmartin3002

cerinamroth : “Bring back headphone jacks! Woof!”

#14 My Dog Fought Off Cancer A Month Ago And Lost A Leg Because Of It. I Thought A Pirate Would Be Fitting For Halloween This Year. He’s Been A Champ Through It All, Including This

Image source: brounchman

ToastedFroggy : “Aww , good boi! Glad you are still with us! Arrrggh”

Mrs Irish Mom : “Great costume and he looks like hes happy and healthy ❤️”

#15 Made My Cat A Halloween Costume, Pretty Proud Of It

Image source: thegardeningcat

David : “that’s pretty cute actually.”

lily jones : “What a pretty pawrrot”

#16 My Halloween Costume Features My Pug, Chuck

Image source: TheLittleWinner2

David : “That is simultaneously great and (apparently) super low budget.”

#17 You’re In Trouble

Image source: ducks_in_space

Multa Nocte : “Now THIS is scary! 🙀”

#18 Martini Dog Is Not Amused

Image source: Sathyiaold

David “With this cone on I can’t lick my junk!” “Yeah, that’s sad. Tell you what, here’s a couple of tennis balls you can’t reach either.” lol

#19 Can You Guess Which One Of Us Hates Halloween?

Image source: PatrickBritish

lily jones : “Ah yes definitely the human”

glowworm2 : “That is the most cartoonish looking face of disappointment that I’ve ever seen on a cat.”

#20 I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost

Image source: cat_cosplay

#21 This Is Our Foster, Butter, Being Himself For Halloween

Image source: bmill1

#22 Mom Made My Halloween Costume. Aren’t I The Cutest Fuzzy Moth You’ve Ever Seen?

Image source: babyboarbabyboar

#23 Happy Halloween

Image source: jencastillo_1986

#24 Made My Dog Into Frodo For Halloween

Image source: im-quite-stupid

#25 Dobby, The House-Dog

Image source: noble_gasses

#26 You’ve Always Got A Friend In Us

Image source: pbj_pack

#27 Halloween Corgi

Image source: AnnabellaLor

#28 You Are A Hairy Wizard

Image source: LowFlyingBadger

#29 My Mom’s Shelties. Thor, Scarlet Witch And Dr. Strange

Image source: LynxFX

#30 Easiest Dog Costume To Date

Image source: whoIwant2be

#31 I’m Ready For Halloween, I’ll Be Dracula

Image source: hosico_cat

#32 It’s Never To Early Too Get Your Wizard Hat On

Image source: Causative_Agent

#33 Cat-Pirate Halloween Costume

Image source: ChojinWolfblade

#34 Our Metro Transit Police K9 Is All Dressed Up For Halloween

Image source: MVTP_K9

#35 Ready For Halloween

Image source: someclaireflair

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