35 Most Adorable And Creative Halloween Costumes For Kids

Published 7 months ago

Halloween is that magical time of the year when creativity runs wild, and children of all ages get to transform into their favorite characters, monsters, and creatures of their imagination.

Every year, young trick-or-treaters and their parents put their hearts and souls into creating the coolest, most jaw-dropping costumes. Let’s take a look at some kids who absolutely “won” Halloween with their outstanding costumes.

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#1 “There’s A Storm Front Blowing In” Halloween Costume

Image source: Call-Me-Risley

sbj : “Very creative”

Lil Miss Hobbit : “Absolutely adorable.”

Dennis Stanley : “The newspaper is perfect”

#2 Happy Halloween From The Queen

Image source: beta_bunny

Very Bi Tortoise (He/Him) : “Forget everything. Look at those dogs.”

MonicaChicagoGal : “This is the cutest kid!!”

Lindzy Gee : “Absolutely adore this Im a Royal family fan especially the late Queens fan big fan The little.girl looks thoroughly pleased and it’s just done to a tee absolutely love it the little outfit gloves brooch her hat is amazing 👏”

Hokuloa : “Omg, I’m melting from cuteness overload!”

#3 She’s Been Growing Out Her Hair For Nearly Two Years With The Express Purpose Of Being Dumbledore For Halloween. She’s Five

Image source: jackthlion

MissMePhoenix : “First of all! Thats the best Dumbledore I’ve ever seen! Secondly! She probably would have delivered the line “Did you put you name in the Goblet of Fire?” with all the finesse of the real Dumbledore.”

Perfumista Perfumista : “That’s an impressive beard for 2 years”

#4 My Son’s Halloween Costume This Year

Image source: Britt_Good

A C : “Love that it looks like he may have had a hand in helping to make the costume! Home mades that are made together are the best! Captures the fun of Halloween in ways the cool fancy fancy ones dont!”

Odin Schmidt : “Please tell me your son’s name is Mac!”

#5 A Little Burrito

Image source: therealjaydior

Dave M : “Not a Burrito if it is from Subway.”

#6 My Daughter Chose To Wear This Halloween Costume During Her Gymnastics Practice

Image source: Dalo600

zububonsai : “Cool, the referees won’t notice slightly bent knees and elbows! 👍🏻😎 (source: I’ve been a referee for female gymnastics competitions for 16 years)”

#7 My Son Dressed As The Pillsbury Doughboy For Halloween, And The Pictures Makes Me Smile

Image source: thejudeking

Spocks’s Mom : “That’s a-dough-able. 😍”

Emily : “I like that it says “my son dressed…..” as if he requested the costume. Very very sweet little doughboy.”

#8 My 5-Year-Old Wanted Nothing More Than To Be Flo For Halloween. My Wife Put This Together For Her

Image source: Awkw0rds

pfeils wife : “This has to be my fav!”

Gwen : “Flo is my favorite in the Progressive commercials!”

#9 My 8-Year-Old Son As A Stanley Ipkiss From The Mask At His School’s Halloween Contest

Image source: Ducky3313

Panda-sized Potato : “They call me Cuban Pete. I’m the king of the rumba beat. When I play the maracas I go chick-chicky-boom, chick-chicky boom.”

#10 My 6-Year-Old Nephew Wanted To Be The Mario Piranha Plant For Halloween

Image source: mokmusic

KariAdoresHerKats : “I really like that parents just roll with it and go along with the kiddies ideas”

#11 I Crocheted My Daughter Her First Halloween Costume. I Present You A Baby Gnome

Image source: eatwellsleepwell

Multa Nocte : “That is so cute and it keeps her little face warm if it’s cold when you take her trick or treating.”

Terry Tobias : “Perfect little gnome!”

#12 Our Daughter’s Costume Is Perfect For The Covid-19 Era

Image source: mhall_viola

Neville Nicol : “Now tell us how is this possible?”

Hokuloa : “Um, cool costume, but can you tell me where you put the cheesy poofs?? Asking for a hungry friend…”

Terry Tobias : “That’s hysterical! It would totally fake me out if he came to my door a!”

#13 My Super Simple Costume Idea For Halloween

Image source: lapequepelirroja

zububonsai : “Deja vu moment, thank you❤️, @OP: I did that one on the left side with my (then hip long medium blonde very straight) hair and glasses when I was bored to death at school in grades 5-8 🤣👻 (and I’ve never watched the Addams Family and still don’t know who this character is supposed to be 🤷🏼‍♀️)”

KariAdoresHerKats : “She is adorable”

#14 Hocus Pocus-Inspired Costume For Halloween

Image source: catcatcatcatcatcatz

Hokuloa : “Those eyes though!! Wow!”

#15 My Daughter Wanted To Be A Snail For Halloween

Image source: keely_bee

sbj : “This costume is amazing, so clever”

Donkey boi : “It’s like a Jedi Snail! I love it.”

#16 My Wife Made Our Son A Baby Groot Costume For This Halloween

Image source: S7ar-lord

Lindzy Gee : “Awwwww cutie 💓”

Terry Tobias : “Is it just me or do these babies seem to really get into the swing of wearing their costumes? They all look so happy to be dressed up!”

#17 I Made An Alien Abduction Costume For My Son

Image source: motherofgrom

KariAdoresHerKats : “Amazing creativity”

#18 My Son Is Skull Kid From Majora’s Mask For Halloween

Image source: Ambiversion

TheAmericanAmerican : “If that mask is actually carved out of wood, mad respect!”

#19 This Incredible Halloween Baby Costume

Image source: muxi_0729

Multa Nocte : “Now THIS is funny! You’re going to have some explaining to do when your child grows up, though.”

Marley Nachi : “Bigger kids halloween costumes are for the kids… But baby costumes are for the parents, lol, and I love it. So funny, and cute.”

#20 Brilliant

Image source: eellierobertson

Tamra : “You’re turning violet, Violet!”

#21 My Daughter Wanted To Be Astrid From How To Train Your Dragon This Year For Halloween. It Took Me A Month, But I Did It

Image source: skyguythe1

Roger9er : “Very well executed!!”

#22 For Halloween My Daughter Insisted On Dressing Up As Her Dungeons And Dragons Character, Ashera – The Moon Elf Druid

Image source: Skywolf111

Couragetcd : “Yes! Celebrating another generation of RPG nerddom! Enjoy the lack of THAC0 in current versions, young elf.”

Ozymandias73 : “She looks awesome! I would’ve had to wear stilts to be close to my 7ft half- stone giant ogre barbarian. I hope she’s having the best times playing as I did.”

#23 My Daughter Wanted To Be A Sheepdog For Halloween

Image source: JustBeSimple

Multa Nocte : “She nailed it!”

Gianna B D : “Which one is the daughter? I can’t tell.”

#24 My 11-Year-Old Cousin’s The Dude Costume From The Big Lebowski

Image source: ElderCunningham

Little king trash mouth : “It’s a character from the movie “The Big Lebowski” – hilarious movie. Not sure it’s appropriate for an 11 year old, but I’m not this kid’s parent, so”

Shelli Aderman : “He definitely abides!”

#25 The Cutest Turtle I Ever Seen

Image source: jesstaratrout

DarkGlassSphere : “This is the cutest turtle, I’ve ever saw too!”

Multa Nocte : “That is so cute when the child is bent over like a real turtle! We’ll probably see this exact pic in one of those horrible tabloids claiming it’s real.”

#26 La Llorona Ghost Costume. If She Sees You, She Won’t Know If It’s You Or Her Own Child, And You Will Never Be Seen Again

Image source: Puzzleheaded_Lab_999

Awesome At Being Autistic : “Wow, this is incredible.”

#27 Halloween With Matryoshka Dolls

Image source: chiyo0520

Lil Miss Hobbit : “Oh, they are so cuteeee!”

#28 My Little Dude Seems Ready To Be Shot Into Space For Halloween

Image source: chrisreevesfunrun

Roger9er : “This is a great photo all together. One of those that your mother gives you, when you look at your old childhood photos.”

Ozymandias73 : “I could see this framed and over a fireplace. Great shot to whomever took the photo! Lil’ guy’s smile does it all.”

#29 My Nephews Dressed As Yoda And Luke For Halloween

Image source: jlorren

Roger9er : “Aaaand here’s the comment you’ve all been waiting for….’The Force is strong with this one.'”

KariAdoresHerKats : “Such cute kids and that’s a great costume”

#30 My Son’s Dr. Octopus Costume Created By My Wife

Image source: billygrumples

#31 Homemade Piranha Plant Costume

Image source: LJboogie

#32 My Son Asked To Be Bulbasaur For Halloween

Image source: nmakinson

#33 My Twin Daughter’s Halloween Costumes Paying Homage To The 90s Classic “Clueless”

Image source: USCplaya

#34 For Clarity, I Added LEDs To A Costume You Can Get Online. I Didn’t Make This From Scratch

Image source: GraellsiaMoon

#35 The Headless Waiter Costume That I Made For My Son

Image source: motherofgrom

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