30 Times People Stumbled Upon The Creepiest Things And Just Had To Share Them Online

Published 3 years ago

The world is full of creepy stuff – and while it’s usually hidden out of sight somewhere deep in the shadows, on rare occasions we manage to catch a glimpse of it. And some people even manage to catch it on film.

r/Creepy is a subreddit where people can share the creepiest pictures they captured or managed to stumble upon, and some of them are absolute nightmare fuel. The online group has over 14 million members, and is never short of chilling new content – proceed at your own risk and check out some of the eeriest submissions below!

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#1 Artist With Dementia

Image source: colymoly_guacamole

#2 Saint Bartholomew

Image source: ProfessionalUnlucky

#3 Famine Memorial In Dublin

Image source: ProxyKat

#4 A Friend Went For A Walk The Other Night And Saw This Woman Just Standing On A Roof

Image source: ewilliam

#5 Xylaria Polymorpha Is A Saprobic Fungus Commonly Known As Dead Man’s Fingers

Image source: F**koff555

#6 Handmade Ghost Ship

Image source: penguingenuity

#7 This Wasp Nest

Image source: Dan-68

#8 The Missing Persons Map Has A Frightening Similarity To The Cave Systems Map

Image source: NickHintonn

#9 Factory Farm

Image source: lnfinity

#10 Got A Notification From My Smart Home App In The Middle Of The Night Saying “Your Doorbell Detected A Visitor”

Image source: FatNDepressed

#11 An Eerie Underwater Cave Death Warning Sign

Image source: King_Toad

#12 Raccoon Hands Reaching Through The Boardwalk

Image source: unchek

#13 Went To Lock The Back Door. There Was A Visitor

Image source: livingtool

#14 I Went To Dachau Concentration Camp And Felt Almost Like It Didn’t Do Anyone Justice. It Didn’t Seem To Reveal The Extent Of The Horrors Of What Happened There. Until I Saw This. My Heart Was In My Stomach

Image source: JabroniWanKenobi

#15 Baby Owls

Image source: Dragonester

#16 Portland Man Found His Tires Slashed, And This Note On His Car

Image source: Gavinardo

#17 A Soot Covered Spiderweb

Image source: Sip_the_bleach

#18 Should I Start Digging?

Image source: Sgt_Nerve

#19 Teeth In A Squid Suction Cup

Image source: leablenten

#20 Bunraku Puppet

Image source: KevlarYarmulke

#21 Reaper

Image source: d4hm3r

#22 A Rare Mutation Causing The Tentacles On The Octopus To Branch

Image source: FairFaxEddy

#23 Old Lady With A Knife Seen On A Doorbell Cam In The Middle Of The Night

Image source: Syntax_Error_0

#24 The Stairs I Have To Take To Leave Work

Image source: BetterCallBread

#25 The Smile Room

Image source: d4hm3r

#26 The Mist

Image source: d4hm3r

#27 Found Out The House We Are Living In Has A Bunker Below. I Managed To Squeeze My Phone In One Of The Cracks Of The Door To Take This Creepy Picture

Image source: Colombianthunder

#28 This Was Once A Home

Image source: All_Cartoon

#29 Skull Rock Formation In Indonesia

Image source: ArsenikShooter

#30 The Face In The Moth

Image source: T-Morals

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