35 Unsettling Pics From The ‘Oddly Terrifying’ Community That Might Make You Shiver

Published 8 months ago

In the vast expanse of the internet, there’s a peculiar corner where the bizarre, the unusual, and the unsettling converge. Known as the r/OddlyTerrifying community, this online subculture is dedicated to sharing images that evoke a sense of unease, curiosity, or even fear.

While some might find solace in the strange and unsettling, others might just shiver at the sight of these mind-bending visuals. Check out some unsettling images that might just send a chill down your spine.

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#1 This Is A Single Shot And Not Two Pictures

Image source: Monsur_Ausuhnom

Trish : “You’re not gonna need a bigger boat.”

Couragetcd : “That would be scary to see out the window”

J B : “That is unnerving…”

#2 Was Leaving My House At 6am And Found This In The Dew On The Front Steps

Image source: NastyPotatoes

Kraneia The Dancing Dryad : “If you’ve ever walked up barefoot, the oil from your skin could have been left behind –and repel the water, so it shows up when everything else is covered in condensation (i e dew)”

C .Hunger : “They’re coming to get you, Barbara….”

#3 Hidden Microphones

Image source: One_Warthog_3520

Ruby White : “Your cat knows something”

Becky Samuel : “Get someone out to check the wiring. Something may be clicking or buzzing at a frequency we can’t hear but the cat can.”

Philly Bob Squires : “Cat knows something is wrong… remove the plate or call an electrician. NOW!”

#4 Abdandoned House’s Porch Looks Like A Mouth With Fangs

Image source: allthecoffeesDP

Em : “When can I move in?”

Couragetcd : “I hate seeing houses abandoned like this. Even if the front door might eat you”

GlixDrap : “The upper window in the main roof makes me think of an eye watching you.”

Mark Reaves : “My dream house. Only missing a giant attached greenhouse.”

#5 A Tunnel Dug By The Giant Ground Sloth In Brazil (10,000 Years Ago)

Image source: Monsur_Ausuhnom

John Legere : “where is the banana for size comparison?”

BoredPossum : “Giant ground sloth, that’s my new spirit animal.”

B :  “It’s called the devils butt hole…. JK I have no idea but that’s what I thought when I saw it”

#6 Subtropical Swamp In Louisiana, USA

Image source: colapepsikinnie

Šárka Součková : “It´s both, beautiful and scary.”

OogieBoogie : “Can anyone else hear a banjo ?!”

PeepPeep the duck : “This makes me so uncomfortable as an Australian, it looks so dangerous.”

#7 Driving At Night With Astigmatism

Image source: Mint_Perspective

Nadine Debard : “I have a very strong astigmatism in both eyes and thankfully I can afford glasses (I live in France where you can get them, even when poor). The result is nearly perfect with the proper correction.”

JayWantsACat : “My dumbass thought the title said “Driving At Night In Afghanistan” and I was confused by the top comment referencing ‘astigmatism’. lmao”

#8 Sinkhole In Turkey

Image source: j3ffr33d0m

Robert T : “Got to admire the bravery of the farmer planting his crops so close to the edge. ;-)”

Thing 3 : “They should have some sort of sign to let the people driving down the road that they will catastrophically fall and end up splattered against the Earth’s core”

SammyLawrence27 : “You’re telling me a sink made this hole”

#9 Brine Pools At The Bottom Of The Sea

Image source: Rumhed

still tired : “The “mist” is caused by the incredibly high levels of salinity (salt) I believe. Essentially, the water is so salty that salt can no longer dissolve into it, so it pools here.”

#10 This Shark Has Seen Some Shit

Image source: Unfair_Buddy_870

#11 Chris Mccandless Note That Was Found In His Truck In The Middle Of Alaska

Image source: CapitalCompass201

Trish : “Very sad story. He starved to death because he couldn’t get across the river back to safety. If he’d had a map, he would have known that there was a river crossing less than a mile from where he was. People have died making pilgrimages to the bus he died in, so they had to remove it a few years ago.”

#12 Two Prison Guards Posing For A Photo With Ed Kemper, Who Was 6’9 And 300lbs

Image source: CalmlyOpen

#13 Wait… A Victim Of The What??

Image source: Quick_Presentation11

Meep-Meep : “There’s garlic to ward off the vampires ;)”

#14 A Female Omothymus Spider Spotted In Malaysia

Image source: damagedgoodz99824

Any: “I saw at first only the small ones and then it hit me sideways and i am like f*****g hell, nope nope nope .. nope nope nope”

Tiggy Darling : “Just googled it. Span width 20-25 cms. That’s 8-10 inches for older people. About 3 Bald Eagle Heads for Americans.”

#15 My Dog Was Pretty Nervous About Heading Down This Trail For Some Reason

Image source: grichardson526

Tee Pussi : “If you’ve ever seen a horror movie, you trust your dog in these situations.”

#16 Dark Hedges Ireland

Image source: Monsur_Ausuhnom

Em : “Drew something almost exactly like this, with Queens of the Stone Age lyrics, years ago. Time to do an updated version using this photo as reference.”

Foxglove🇮🇪 : “Featured in Game of thrones, I believe”

#17 This Was New York City Earlier Today, Which Was Temporarily Ranked #1 For The Worst Air Quality In The World Due To The Wildfires In Canada

Image source: consoLe_-

Ron Man : “NYC gets this once and the world loses their s**t. This literally happens at least once a year in multiple places on the west coast since I’ve been a baby, and no one bats an eye. Forest fires cause smoke.”

#18 This Is Jocelyn Wildenstein, The Wealthy Socialite Nicknamed “Bride Of Wildenstein” And “Catwoman” Because Of Her Extreme Plastic Surgery

Image source: No_Pea_476

#19 Ad About Work Accidents On A Colombian Magazine, Posted 30 May 2001

Image source: Absolve_N0ne

Trish : “That made my heart sink.”

#20 Bear Paw Armor, Used By Warriors In Islamic, Indian, Persian & Pakistani Civilizations

Image source: secretslut991

#21 The Wreck Of The Titanic From Afar

Image source: clusterlove

Blue Bunny of Happiness “And this is how we should leave it. It’s a mass grave, let’s respect that.”

#22 Abandoned Summer Camp Closed Due To A Child Drowning In The Lake. Sound Familiar ?

Image source: darkexploration_

#23 My Job Is To Inspect Every Single One Of These Car, Night Time Hits Different

Image source: TikTokBoom173

“I can’t ever shake the feeling someone, or something, is going to jump out from one of these. Always hearing these weird whisper noises that I’m sure is the wind, but still makes your hair stand up.”

#24 Lighthouse Perched On A Rock Pillar In The Westman Islands, Iceland

Image source: j3ffr33d0m

#25 Saw The Full Mirror In My Hotel Room Randomly Shake And Discovered This Space In The Wall Behind It

Image source: Schlower288

Nadine Debard : “Call the police and run”

Bear Hall : “Could you come to my room Mr. Bates, please? I have something to show you before I take a shower.”

#26 A Nursing Home Flooding

Image source: WhitePinoy

Natasha Muyatwa : “oh noo this is so sad”

#27 What Rip Current Looks Like

Image source: zhangyuandyou

Dominik : “don’t try to swim against it, let the waves next to it carry you back to the beach”

#28 Poor Matthew

Image source: smoothloam

#29 Partially Submerged Statue Of Shiva The Destroyer During The Flash Flood In Uttrakhand

Image source: lonely_dude__

#30 Ferris Wheel On A Local Night Fair

Image source: steikul

Frank : “In some countries a ferris wheel must be inspected by a safety inspection company every time it is erected. Maybe that has a reason….”

#31 Nasa’s James Webb Telescope Has Spotted A Giant ‘Question Mark’ Object In Deep Space

Image source: MrSpankMan_whip

MissMePhoenix : “The Riddler was here”

Trish : “If Nintendo has taught us anything, it’s that coins will come out of that if you boop it hard enough.”

Francois : “Whatever the question is, the answer is 42.”

#32 The Cork-Lid Trapdoor Spider. If You See What Looks Like An Ancient Coin Buried In Sand, Leave It Alone

Image source: badlybloviate99

#33 David And Louise Turpin Together With Their Children They Kept Imprisoned And Abused For Many Years

Image source: austinpowers100

#34 Vegetables Shaped Like Humans

Image source: Blueberry_Conscious_

“This farmer couple used silicon to create molds in the shape of their own feet. They then planted turnips using these molds. As the turnips grew, they filled the molds and took on the shape of their feet.”

#35 Hong Kong Apartments

Image source: tandyman234

Imagineer : “I’d live in a tent rather than this.”

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