A Smile Changes Everything: Funny Quotes From A Toothpaste Ad Campaign

Published 9 years ago

Facial expressions and tone of voice are the main two things missing from text-based conversations. This ad campaign, for example, shows the importance of smiles. Emoticons or emoji are an important part of internet communication, helping people understand inflections and reactions not always obvious in text. A smiley face added to the end of your message can change the tone completely. This situation has grown so severe that ending your statement without a smile can be viewed as a sign of anger.

Conill is an ad agency, founded in 1968, based in Los Angeles and Miami. “A Smile Changes The Whole Story” is their slogan for their Crest toothpase ad campaign. Oh that toothpaste, always forcing us to smile!

More info: conill.com (h/t: adsoftheworld)

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