25 Of The Cringiest ‘Oops, That Wasn’t Me’ Texts

Published 1 month ago

Have you ever texted the wrong person or said something you regretted? We’ve all been there. But what about those times when you try to cover up a mistake with a classic excuse like “Oops, wasn’t me” or “My friend took my phone”? 

Today, we’re diving into the world of r/OopsDidn’tMeanTo , a subreddit dedicated to cringe-worthy moments where people try to backtrack by claiming they were just joking. The problem? It’s often pretty obvious that they meant what they said or did, making the situation even more awkward. Check out some of the cringiest screenshots from this community, where the “just kidding” excuse falls flat.

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#1 Tinder Is A Goldmine

Image source: Miraculousflorist

#2 This Is Just So Awkward To Read

Image source: Zooooooombie

Hphizzle: Still a better love story than Twilight. Better plot twists, at least.

#3 Her 4 Year Old Took This Photo

Image source: ergoegthatis

SheamusFanFrom1987: Drascilla? Did she have a baby with Dracula? Can’t be, kid wouldn’t be able to bask in sunlight. Oh well, at least she “knows” how to take good pictures XP

#4 My Ex Girlfriend Ladies And Germs

Image source: Zompokenator03

#5 He Sent D**k Pics To A Random Bunch Of Girls

Image source: ergoegthatis

#6 With Bonus

Image source: readit475

Sofia: I think the fee is a genius idea

#7 The Farthest Stretch I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: paulblartmallcap

sbj: Nobody falls for that excuse

#8 Autocorrect Wanted To Get You Nakey

Image source: unwashedbodypillow95

Bewitched One: Autocorrect from/for WHAT?! Lmao

#9 He Sent A D**k Pic To A Woman Who Has Never Spoken To Him Before

Image source: Coffeeholic911

Mrs. Dearly Regret: This is wrong in many ways

#10 This Followed A Video Of Her Playing An Out Of Tune Bass Guitar And Singing Green Day. Before The Green Day Video Was Your Typical Thirst Trap, Booty Short Wearing, Squats In The Gym Ig Story

Image source: AbdulAhBlongatta

#11 What Is The Point Even?

Image source: Avyeon

Hphizzle: Sometimes your biggest supporter is you. You’re probably wrong about whatever it is. But at least you feel supported.

#12 My First Unsolicited D**k Pic

Image source: AkoyaBones

The.Butterfly.Effect.530: This is how one should handle unsolicited nudes.

#13 Completely Accidental!!!

Image source: ergoegthatis

PFD: I think we have a bunch of 200 year old redwoods out back, lemme check but should be able to do you right mate

#14 Toddler Knows How To Promote His Mom On Social Media

Image source: ergoegthatis

PeePeePooPoo: Do people really think and talk like this? If yes, what’s wrong with them?

#15 Oops, Went Out In A Unicorn Costume By Mistake Xd

Image source: ergoegthatis

PeePeePooPoo: Oh I’m So QuRkY aNd WeIrD

#16 Excuse After Sending The Usual Pic

Image source: ergoegthatis

#17 I Think You Proved Your Point

Image source: ChuckDimeCliff

#18 My Ex…forgetting He Has A New GF At Bar Close

Image source: paha_tytto

#19 Dont Open It!

Image source: DAT_DINO

#20 Pervy Mcpervface Tried Using The Oldest Trick In The Book

Image source: iseverybodycrazy16

John Bababuie: Truly despicable

#21 Whoops!

Image source: johnbooth703

Michelle: Ok, but even if it was true wouldn’t that be kind of creepy and stalkerish? “Hey pervert who took my photos, can you send them to me so I can post them online? Here’s my contact details” 😂

#22 Amazing How Life Works!

Image source: ergoegthatis

Hphizzle: Yes, because there are zero bubbles when you splash into a pool.

#23 Of Course

Image source: IEATBUTT5

Sinead Kenny: So many things wrong with this I do not know where to start.

#24 My Mom Tried Hiring Him. He Did Not Get The Job

Image source: catladytaylor

#25 Brian Strikes Again!

Image source: ergoegthatis

Feathered Dinosaur: Some men really have no shame 🙄

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