20 Cringy Posts Showing People Celebrating A Little Too Early

Published 3 years ago

Admit it – we’ve all done some pretty cringy things in the past. However, there’s one specific type of cringe that’s extremely painful to remember even years after it happened – and that’s celebrating too early.

Just in case you enjoy cringing at other people’s cockiness, then the r/PrematureCelebration subreddit is the place for you. With over half a million members, the subreddit is never short of hilarious content that will make your teenage blunders seem much less cringy in comparison – check it out below!

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#1 Showing Off A Bottle Of Johnny Walker

Image source: RogerDat143

#2 Random Selection

Image source: Unlimited_negativity

#3 Good Idea To Straight Up Tell Everyone That You’re Scamming A Company

Image source: yeetlolbeans

#4 Microsoft Employees Holding A Funeral For The iPhone Following The “Success” Of Their Windows Phone

Image source: Alexius08

#5 Death And Taxes

Image source: Ebadd

#6 2020 Is Going So Great

Image source: supermoo7000

#7 Rip

Image source: coolman11450

#8 Rollerblader Prematurely Celebrates Victory Then Gets Robbed

Image source: reddit.com

#9 Four Years Ago

Image source: RunGamerRun

#10 Too Soon

Image source: iAmbee35

#11 Good Lasagaaa

#12 Oops

Image source: Libra_Dan_iella

#13 Meirl

Image source: Balkan_

#14 My Friend’s Two Most Recent Snaps On His Story

Image source: jeberly4

#15 Congrats…

Image source: dirtymick87

#16 Stalker, 30, Who Called Police To Brag ‘I’ll Never Be Caught’ Is Jailed

Image source: reddit.com

#17 New York Times Article From 1924

Image source: prisongovernor

#18 Rip Gary F

Image source: ehh22

#19 That Escalated Quickly

Image source: gordonbombay42

#20 Never Obsolete

Image source: SeiriusPolaris

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