40 “Cursed Comments” That Are Epically Savage

Published 1 month ago

The internet is more than just a source of funny cat pictures and clever memes. It also has a darker, stranger side that can leave you questioning what you’re seeing. One place where this side of the internet thrives is the r/cursedcomments subreddit.

We’ve gathered some of the most unsettling and bizarre comments from this corner of the web to share with you. Proceed with caution as you read through them, as the content can be uncomfortable and may not be suitable for everyone. However, it’s okay to find humour in these dark and twisted comments from time to time, so don’t feel too guilty if you find yourself laughing along.

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Image source: EeveeMasterJenya

flower petals: 😆😂🤣


Image source: SuperGamer-YT

james stevenson: Well… that turned fast

Image source: Kilowattkid

cerinamroth: Oh my word, is this real?!

Image source: KYLEZOOKI


Image source: may_be_human

Jerome Lenovo: brilliant joke !


Image source: Tas-Sis

Sanjneel: Zebras are black with white stripes.


Image source: fumnygirl


Image source: Tortilla_Chip_


Image source: Romka2001

les : hey if it works it works


Image source: peterbishopisnotdead


Image source: 0DarkChar0

Auntriarch : Looks like the wrong neighbourhood for polar bears though


Image source: tupangina


Image source: reddit.com

James stevenson: It’s a can of tuna.


Image source: ToxicVegetable

James stevenson: OH S**T!


Image source: Yaboikeegs1289

Moë: Laughed so hard I woke mine up and then had to switch pages real quick cuz they need to get any ideas


Image source: MushuTheGreat17

james stevenson: Other organs: Oh s**t he means business!


Image source: janneell

SCamp: ‘Leashless’ though! 😂😂😂






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