30 Times Coworkers Cheered People Up At Their Workplace

Published 2 years ago

It’s important to have fun-loving people in workplaces as they keep everyone’s spirits alive. Whether your job is miserable or boring, a funny coworker can brighten up your day.

Today we have collected some photos that show how some employees made their workspace happy and enjoyable. From funny masks to witty pranks, check out some of the most hilarious things employees did to make people laugh at their workplace in the gallery below.

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#1 It’s Cold This Morning So My Coworker Showed Up In This

Image source: dinhgonefishin

#2 Someone Brought This To The Office Potluck

Image source: pasciiii

#3 This Is Charlene. Charlene Is A Walmart Employee That Poses With Various Products For The Store’s Local Facebook Page. Charlene Is Amazing

Image source: Walmart North East

#4 My Friend Who Is A Gardener Sends Me Photos Of Himself At Work

Image source: triplezero

#5 My Co-Worker Got His Hands On A Labeler

Image source: TheOneandOnlyBobby

#6 Myself And Two Coworkers Realized We Were Wearing The Same Coat. The Only Option Was To Zip Them Into One Three Person Coat

Image source: Geekquinox

#7 I Ain’t Scared Of No Ghost

Image source: Vbomb1337

#8 My Local Independent Coffee Shop Uses A Starbucks Mug For Its Toilet Brush Holder

Image source: daviedrew

#9 A Guy At My Wife’s Job Still Think That His New Plant Is A Cactus. It’s Actually A Pickle That Is Replaced By A New One Each 2 Days. It’s Been Like That For 2 Weeks Now

Image source: Starskins

#10 Mr. Grumpy

Image source: austin_lou

#11 So They Installed A New Coffee Machine At Work And Before Anyone Could Use It, I Placed This Sign On It. Best Three Hours Of My Life

Image source: nipse79

#12 Romance Display At My Local Barnes & Nobles. I Probably Laughed Too Loud

Image source: JessLovesNaps

#13 Towel Animal Left By The Hotel Staff

Image source: OyeSimpson

#14 I Work At A Photography Store In Norway. This Was Our Christmas Card This Year

Image source: TheTigon

#15 I Hate Having To Write Up My Employees Right Before The Holiday, So I Compromised And She Has To Wear This For The Rest Of The Afternoon

Image source: thejohnblog

#16 Co-Worker Asked Me Why I Had So Many Condoms

Image source: Joseph_Valdez

#17 The Coffee Maker At My Office Was Out Of Order

Image source: gem_bug

#18 At The Office

Image source: FrozenFireDragon

#19 Australia Right Now

Image source: assyrian

#20 Well That’s Nice

Image source: ilkikuinthadik

#21 Co-Worker Sent Me This. We Work At NASA

Image source: jftims

#22 This Is The Only Way To Put Salt On Roads

Image source: mickyo25

#23 Herman The Office Spider Likes His Name Plate

Image source: handy_dandy_andy

#24 This Cone Display At My Local Ice Cream Shop

Image source: -Papadil-

#25 An Actual Interview Going On At The Office. We Take Halloween Very Seriously

Image source: emkay28

#26 All Of My Coworkers Agreed To Dress Up As Smurfs For Halloween. I’m The Only One To Go Through With It

Image source: Papa_Skittles

#27 Utah Has Its Issues, But It’s Traffic Signs Are Top Notch

Image source: B4ldy

#28 Humor In The Times Of Corona

Image source: nuthin_to_it

#29 Blessed Co-Worker

Image source: ralphbutterwinkel

#30 Some Of My Dad’s Employees Dressed Up As Him For Halloween. I Think They Nailed It

Image source: jdm902

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