30 Smol Animals And Objects As Shared In The Online Group “Tiny Units”

Published 3 years ago

Do you also feel that cute things bring joy to people’s lives? According to psychologists Gary Sherman and Jonathan Haidt, “cuteness triggers not just a protective impulse, but also a childlike response that encourages fun.” When it comes to cuteness, baby animals and small objects are on top of the list, aren’t they?

R/TinyUnits is an online community where all the cute and tiny stuff can be found. The moderator of this community, u/hwhouston517, explained in an interview with Bored Panda, “Throughout the years, the subreddit has remained pretty simple and of only one objective: posts animals or objects that are very tiny.” Although most submissions are baby animals, sometimes people post a tiny succulent or a smol bed for a change. Scroll below to see some of the most adorable little beings and things, and don’t forget to smile!

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#1 Tiny Donkey

Image source: TooManyBalloooons

#2 Baby Hedgehog

Image source: chrisrobles

#3 Tiny Bed

Image source: jasontaken

#4 Teeny Dragon

Image source: everryn

#5 Tiny Succulents!

Image source: Poisongrape

#6 Smol

Image source: chrisrobles

#7 Beware Of Attack Dog

Image source: jasontaken

#8 Seal Accidentally Scares Baby Polar Bear

Image source: chrisrobles

#9 Chonky Boi Fell Asleep On The Wheel

Image source: chrisrobles

#10 One Of The Earliest Uses Of Animal Therapy. Baby Ducks Cheering Up A Little Girl Undergoing Respiratory Therapy For Polio In 1956

Image source: chrisrobles

#11 Handsome Crab

Image source: fujfuj

#12 Tiny Aardwolf Unit

Image source: Bloodtruffle

#13 Mouse Babies

Image source: just_minutes_ago

#14 Guardian Tiny Unit

Image source: -thelastburrito

#15 Baby Deer Meets Baby Human

Image source: bobekyrant

#16 Baby Capybara

Image source: just_minutes_ago

#17 Incognito Kitten

Image source: jasontaken

#18 Looks So Comfy!

Image source: reddit.com

#19 Tiny Frog

Image source: Coded_TNT

#20 This Tiny Lil Unit Is One Hour Old

Image source: mlemu

#21 A Baby Goat Standing On A Capybara

Image source: chrisrobles

#22 Adopt Me

Image source: jasontaken

#23 Beef Unit

Image source: sexykettlecorn

#24 Sad Unit

Image source: tyboarder

#25 Blessed Baby Possum

Image source: LuciferrLu

#26 Bun

Image source: reddit.com

#27 Hippo Tiny Unit

Image source: 123bpd

#28 This Tiny Lion Cub With His Dad

Image source: FormerFruit

#29 Confident Tiny Bird Unit

Image source: LadyAdiee

#30 Tiny Hawk

Image source: Bob_Janke

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