Bunny Bags From Japan Turn Your House Into A Bunny Farm

Published 8 years ago

On the one hand, you need to put your belongings somewhere, on the other one, it really doesn’t give your home any style points if you just stuff it all into shelves and boxes. Thankfully Japanese brand YOU+MORE! from Felissimo has decided to tackle this problem with these adorable bunny bags.

The product offers a very simple yet clever design, you simply put your stuff into the bunny cloth, tie up the droopy bunny ears and that’s it, your bathroom products or random junk are magically transformed into a cute little rabbit. The bags are inspired by traditional Japanese furoshiki cloth, used to transport goods like clothes and gifts.

If you want to start that bunny farm in your house, head over to Felissimo online store where they sell bunny bags for 2,678 yen (US$26) each.

More info: felissimo (h/t: boredpandarocketnews24)

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