Cat Tail Gloves Will Let You Wag Kitty Tails While You Browse Your Phone

Published 8 years ago

‘Tis no secret that we’re all cat lovers here at the DeMilked offices. So you’re going to squeal with joy once we tell you about cat tail gloves! Designed by the Japanese companies Felissimo and YOU+MORE, it’s the latest fashion accessory for people who like to play with their smartphones in cold climes. It’s definitely the cat’s meow.

The gloves are made from suede and have fluffy insides. They also have conductive pads on the index finger and thumb, perfect for scrolling through libraries of cat pictures and lolcats macros. A set of these gloves costs $36 (4,295 yen).

More info: felissimo | you+more (h/t: boredpanda)

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Watch the video of cat-tail gloves in action:

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