This Dad Trolls His Daughter By Greeting Her In The Airport Wearing Hilarious Costumes And Holding Funny Signs

Published 5 years ago

Dads are notoriously known for their dad humor that includes horrible wordplay, terrible puns and embarrassing your children in public. One dad, however, decided to take it one step further. Every time he picks up his daughter from the airport, this dad shows up dressed in a hilarious costume or holding a funny sign. His daughter shared the pics on Twitter and her post went viral almost instantly. Check out this dad’s hilarious signs in the gallery below!

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This dad decided to troll his daughter by greeting her with hilarious signs

Image credits: Courtney Payne

The daughter, Courtney, is studying in a different state and doesn’t comeback that often so her dad makes sure she remembers each visit.

“Every time my dad picks me up from the airport, he makes a sign,” wrote Courtney in a tweet

Image credits: Courtney Payne

Courtney’s tweet was liked over 60k times in just a few days – people certainly seem to love this funny dad!

During one of her latest visits, the dad dressed up as Santa’s elf

Image credits: Courtney Payne

Last time Courtney visited her parents, her dad, Doug, dressed up as an elf, holding a sing with her name on the naughty list.

“KC welcomes Miranda Lambert”

Image credits: Courtney Payne

Another time, Doug wore a black suit and held a sign saying “KC welcomes Miranda Lambert.”


Image credits: Courtney Payne

There was also an instance where he simply held out a card saying “Kardashian.”

“Welcome to KC Miss Oregon Courtney Payne”

Image credits: Courtney Payne

Last year, Doug held out a large neon green sign saying “Welcome to KC Miss Oregon Courtney Payne” when Courtney arrived before Thanksgiving.

The dad couldn’t believe the tweet has been liked so many times

Image credits: Courtdawg22

People loved this funny dad

Image credits: cmcql

Image credits: CMSimpson13

Image credits: CoachjTat

Image credits: maxdjmoore

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