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24 Hours In The Lives Of The Most Creative People Of Our Time

Published 7 years ago

Even though we get more and more “time-saving” gadgets to decorate our daily lives, it seems that the most efficient time savers were and always will be our common sense and time management skills. Using the book “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work” by Mason Currey, RJ Andrews of Info We Trust presented eloquent graphic illustrations showing how the world’s most brilliant minds – writers, composers, philosophers, painters, scientists – scheduled their daily lives to be creatively productive while remaining social and physically fit.

However talented and gifted you might be, you can’t just work on those bight but rare occasions when your muse decides to stop by. These great examples show us that, even in creative activities, you need to follow your own personal schedule and work as regularly as possible to get any results. The strongest motivation might be realizing that all these people had only 24 hours a day, just like you do.

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