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These Comics By Channelate Will Make You Feel A Little Guilty For Laughing

Published 2 years ago

Ryan Hudson is a Salt Lake City, UT based comic artist best known for his webcomic called Channelate. The webcomic’s themes are often dark and eerie but undoubtedly always funny. Ryan says he wanted to draw cartoons ever since he first got the internet in the late 90’s and has been creating them for over a decade now. Some of the artist’s inspirations are The Perry Bible Fellowship, Thingpart, Cyanide and Happiness and South Park.

You’ll instantly fall in love with Ryan’s comics – the dark themes combined with hilarious endings make a great combo. If this combination reminds you of South Park, that might because it’s one of Ryan’s inspirations: “I was inspired South Park a ton. I look up to Trey Parker and Matt Stone a lot. I had been a huge Simpsons fan as a kid and when South Park first aired, it blew my mind. It was my kind of humor. Something I hadn’t seen anywhere else,” the artist told Bored Panda.

Ryan creates animations too and roughly explained how he creates them: “I start with a sketch layer. Ink over top of that with a new layer, then export the image to color in Manga Studio 5. I used to do my comics entirely in Manga Studio, but I had to learn Flash for a job, and I am a very hands on learner, so I decided to just start doing my comics with it. It forced me to learn it quick.”

Although the artist doesn’t make a living from Channelate, he says it opened a lot of door for him: “In a lot of ways the comic has been my demo reel and resume. I’ve worked on some amazing freelance projects that wouldn’t have happened if not for my comic.” Ryan says a couple of years ago he partnered with Chase Suddarth of Cyanide and Happiness to make Channelate animated. He mentions that the writing and art was like second nature to him and that working on the animations helped him gain valuable experience: “I learned a LOT about making web animation by working for Cyanide and Happiness on the first few seasons of their animated show. After watching their videos for a decade, it was amazing to be able to be working under the hood. It was a lot of on-the-job training that I will be putting to use on my own work for ever.”

Check out some of Ryan’s dark and hilarious comics in the gallery below!

More info: Website | Facebook | Patreon | Youtube | h/t

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Image source: Ryan Hudson


Image source: Ryan Hudson


Image source: Ryan Hudson


Image source: Ryan Hudson


Image source: Ryan Hudson


Image source: Ryan Hudson


Image source: Ryan Hudson


Image source: Ryan Hudson


Image source: Ryan Hudson


Image source: Ryan Hudson

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