Deep Dark Fears Turned Into Comics

Published 7 years ago

The world can be a dangerous place, especially for those with a vivid imagination, which can turn a simple walk home into an obstacle course of death! Having experienced these dark thoughts first-hand, illustrator Fran Krause has indulged himself in turning irrational fears like that into an ongoing comic series.

We’ve covered the LA-based cartoonist’s series before, and Krause kept himself busy by figuring out new things for us to be scared of. From falling in front of an oncoming train to being in a coma and not knowing that yourself, these sure will keep you awake a minute or two longer.

And actually, if you have a weird fear that you’d like to become a comic for us to share, you can share it with Krause right here.

More info: tumblr | instagram |  twitter | facebook | shop (h/t)

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For earlier entries in the series, head over here.


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