25 Delusional And Completely Out-Of-Touch Things These People Have Heard Others Say

Published 2 years ago

Not trying to play smarty pants over here, but some people or the things they say appear to be entirely out of touch with reality. Growing up and being raised in a privileged background that the majority don’t get to experience or lack of education is often the reason. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay not to know. There’s a reason they say true knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. Yet, it’s ludicrous to assume everything is as simple as one may think.

User jonallenmaking decided to ask the Ask Reddit community to reveal the encounters with people that made them think, “This person is out of touch with reality.” Think of the recent Kim Kardashian tweet. Yes, that’s a perfect example of a delusion statement. Now, look at the most ridiculous things these Redditors overheard people say.

What’s the most out-of-touch thing you have ever heard someone say? Comment down below!

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Image source: viralplant

A very close friend “my money is my money but my partner’s money is also my money”.

To clarify she wasn’t going to accept her partner having access to her money but only her to his.

Also she’s single.


Image source: squanchy_91

My assh*le of an uncle once told my grandmother that it was her fault my grandfather got Alzheimers because she didn’t take care of him well enough.


Image source: Ithelda

I was struggling to pay bills and a friend was like, “Don’t worry, your mom and dad care about you, they’ll pay them for you”. I told her I wanted to be a self-sufficient adult and my parents didn’t have the money to cover my bills anyway. Her mind was blown.


Image source: onefortysevenone

A family friends son has autism.

I overheard my grandfather say, “when’s the kid gonna snap out of it and get a job?”


Image source: BigZar

“I mean, it’s one banana, Michael. What could it cost, 10 dollars?”


Image source: QueCassidy

I am a waitress and someone wrote “get a real job” on the line for my tip. It was a $150 tab with an incredibly demanding table. I work another job and I go to school full time, but whatever floats your boat.


Image source: acide_bob

A friend’s uncle, who is a spiritual healer of some sort, claimed one day he would be known as the first man to cure cancer with “spiritual healing techniques” whatever that mean.

The woman he “treated” stopped her treatments because she was “cured” and died inside six months. Apparently no one saw fit to bring that guy to justice.

His explanation was : “She died from a different cancer that was at the same place with the same symptoms at the same time and the first cancer was hiding the second one so he couldn’t treat her properly because, you know, I couldn’t feel the second one….”

I wish he would go to prison.


Image source: [deleted]

I have a few health conditions that my parents and grandmother never allowed me to disclose to my family or friends because “it would be difficult to get me married”.


Image source: do_u_hav_warrant

My grandmother tried to get me to participate in a self-exorcism. She said I was posessed by “socialist demons”…. because I visited Canada.


Image source: I_Cut_Shoes

A girl from my town thought the average income in America was 500k and that she was lower middle class.


“If you’re depressed, just cheer up!”

Woah, if you’re drowning, just drink the water! Duh!

Image source: Avuls


Image source: chefjuice

“I get a lot of info from dr. Phil and dr. Oz, they are a great resource without having to do more than turn the TV on”


Image source: footlesssushi

I grew up in a rich town not being rich. I will never forget this one girl saw me with my iPhone 3G in highschool (and I was super lucky to have it), and the iPhone 4 had come out the weekend before. She then asked me 100% seriously “Why don’t you have the new iPhone?”. She didn’t really understand not everyone could afford the new iPhone every time one came out…


Image source: Beastman33

Someone seriously asked me“Wow, howd you get your baby so tan?” My Native American wife holding the baby. I always avoid this person when i can…how can you be so dumb.


Image source: MjrLeeStoned

A woman I work with once said “I’m convinced I’m immune to cancer because neither my mom nor my grandmother had it.”

Said lady has smoked more than a pack a day for 30 years but uses the above “evidence” as a reason why she’s never had her lungs checked.


Image source: willss3

“Don’t vaccinate your kid” is at the top of list.


Image source: coolwaifu

Overheard from a girl at college freshman orientation in 2008:

“I’m definitely worried! The economy is SO bad my parents had to sell our vacation home! Well you know the second one we don’t visit as often….”

Yeeeeeeaaahhh…. don’t mind me with my flat of ramen…


Image source: [deleted]

A guy at a party was talking about how great technology was. I agreed. He then proceeded to talk about how there are people made of computer chips walking among us and we don’t know who they are. I took the opportunity to say, “I know. You could be one of them.” And walked away. I stared at him from across the room off and on the rest of the night. Good times.


Image source: pokemonmastergoku

I work as a psychologist at a school. One student had missed nearly 30 days of school in one term (55 days), so I was asked to investigate. The mother straight faced told me that she didn’t want to drive the 2 minutes from their house because they had to cross a train track, and she thought having to wait for a train to pass was simply unacceptable. I thought she was joking. She was not.


Image source: monotone__robot

A colleague and I both had our laptops out at work. He had some movies on his that he was offering to share onto mine for later viewing. I suggested an ad-hoc wifi network as a means of quickly and painlessly transferring the files.

“Oh no I don’t believe in Wi-fi”.

Sorry what?


The Guatemalan lady who lives near me who said she supports Trump and thinks that because she voted for him he won’t have her illegal relatives deported.

Image source: PabloEnriqueEs


Image source: expressionlessmagnet

An American tourist I met (I live in South America), when I asked her how it felt to be so far from home, told me that she really isn’t that far because these “so-called foreign countries” are actually located within the United States and they just fly the plane in circles for hours and hours to convince you that you’re in another country.


Image source: celestialwreckage

My grandmother (who doesn’t live with us) told my out of work brother that he needs to “stop doing work around the house” because I, being female, should be the one doing it all. Never mind I’m the only one with any sort of income, lemme do all the housework too, k thx. We had a good laugh at that one.


Image source: megsyram

My mum once said that the sun couldn’t be a star because ‘stars only come out at night’. She hasn’t lived that one down haha


Image source: jfowl1992

My dad retired last November. After being out of work for a few months he decided he needed a simple job to keep him busy. He applied at Total Wine as a cashier and asked for $20 an hour because that’s what he thought minimum wage was up to.

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