20 Delusional Artists Who Put Ridiculous Price Tags On Their ‘Masterpieces,’ As Shared By People In This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

It’s hard to debate whether a particular piece of art is good or bad because all art is subjective. Yet, some artworks make it to the galleries and sell for millions of dollars, while others get shoved in the attic with other “not so good” ones to mold. It kinda makes sense why Mona Lisa is now valued at more than $850 million, being perhaps the most recognizable painting on Earth. But what about those contemporary art pieces that have been ridiculously sold for millions

Once again, it proves that art is a very personal and individual experience and expression. Perhaps the quote “Someone’s trash is another’s treasure” is not ideal here, but you get the idea. It appears that loads of people encounter artworks with ridiculous price tags attached to them. Delusional Artists subreddit, dedicated to “bad art and worse artists,” is home to half a million members sharing those findings. While some are relatively cute, the cost just doesn’t make sense. Take a look at what the members have shared in the group. What do you think?

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#1 Instagram “Influencer” Originals!

Image source: sharamighty

#2 Bridal Zip Ties On Etsy.. Alrighty Then

Image source: VikingPieLordess

#3 Comic Sans And Crappy Printer Paper For £55

Image source: TheWizardGoat

#4 60 Dollars For This Pin Made Of Scrap Fabric. The Audacity

Image source: reddit.com

#5 One Of My Fb Groups Posted This

Image source: morgue_monstr

#6 ‘portraits’

Image source: Fisher212121

#7 The Universe Is A Great Artist.

Image source: thatcoolcat1

#8 Found On Etsy Kind Funny Kinda Like It But 1,200$ Is No

Image source: MrguyOp17

#9 I Know Orange Sea Glass Is Rare Find But…

Image source: EatAndGreet

#10 Op Ordered The Left Painting From An Instagram “Artist” Who Then Blocked Them After Delivery

Image source: theco0lguy

#11 They Clearly Just Put A Filter Over The Picture

Image source: sodastreammmmmmmmmmm

#12 Hang My Old Mattress Springs On Your Wall For Only $70!

Image source: MyUsernameIsRedacted

#13 My Boi Weest Dun Got Scammed

Image source: reddit.com

#14 Okay What??

Image source: tayferg

#15 Only $588 For A Coloured Zip Tie? Great Deal

Image source: TheFRHolland

#16 Artist Suing Smithsonian For Not Hanging His Painting

Image source: denim_duck

#17 I Looked A Flat Earther’s Profile Out Of Curiosity And

Image source: Poopyoo

#18 Design School I’m At Paid 5000$ For A Painter To Paint A Lightbulb, But It Just Looks Like A Noose

Image source: IcelandicCartBoy

#19 This Was Selling In A Painting Store On Sale For $10000

Image source: Mr-KYS

#20 Filmmaker And Painter, Copied Works Out Other Artists, Claimed Them As Original And Sold Them In Galleries

Filmmaker And Painter, Copied Works Out Other Artists, Claimed Them As Original And Sold Them In Galleries

Image source: sina-s9

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