This ‘Dilation Chart’ Shows What A Woman’s Body Has To Go Through During Childbirth

Published 5 years ago

Every mother will tell you that giving birth to a child is an incredibly painful process – something you can never truly understand until you go through it yourself. To show just what the mothers have to go through when giving birth, SCV Birth Center, a birth center located in Santa Clarita, California, shared a something called a “Dilation chart” – a chart that shows how much a woman’s cervix dilates during labor.

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Image credits: scvbirthcenter

At first, you might think there’s no way the cervix can dilate that much – but it’s true. During labor, it dilates from about 1 cm to a whopping 10, required for the baby’s head to fit through. Truly chilling!

Image credits: scvbirthcenter

The handy wooden chart is an educational tool that helps women visualize just how much their cervix will have to dilate during the whole process of childbirth.

Image credits: etsy

And if you happen to want one yourself, for decoration or to spook mothers-to-be, Etsy user FromJennifer has them for sale here.

Image credits: Steffanie Christi’an

SCV Birth Center’s post went viral after Facebook user Steffanie Christi’an shared it with the caption “This is what 10cm of dilation looks like. This is why we deserve all the things.” Her post quickly spread was shared over 180k times.

Image credits: etsy

We hope this chart won’t scare mothers-to-be!

Image credits: etsy

People seemed to love the visual chart

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