Discover the Dark Side of Luna Park!

Published 8 years ago

Ever considered theme parks a little creepy? You may after seeing Chris Rimmer’s deliciously dark portraits of Melbourne landmark, Luna Park.

The series, ‘Luna Park and the Dark Heart of St Kilda’ transforms the seaside icon from tourist hotspot, to a gaping mouth, poised to swallow us whole. Underpinning the series is Rimmer’s experience of St Kilda. For him, the once vibrant hub has morphed into something vacant and alien. He recalls bankruptcy rumours surrounding the park and a book, Leonski – The Brown Out Murders which profiled notorious killer Edward Leonski. Apparently, Loenski considered Luna Park a favourite haunt.

Under these influences, Rimmer constructed a profoundly gothic portrait of Luna Park. His shots, so evocative led to his ban from entering the park with his camera. Despite this, Angela Tandori encouraged him to continue – with captivating results. Now forced to fixate on the exterior, Rimmer stalks the entrance like it has something to hide.

Chris Rimmer, who is known for working with international subject matter, returns home with the ‘Dark Heart to St Kilda’ – exclusive to Eclipse. In 2015 he was nominated by US magazine Art Business News as a ‘Top Artist to Watch’. Combining his talent and unique perspective, Rimmer breathes life into the seaside suburb, seeing it through a whole new lense.

‘The Dark Heart of St Kilda’ can be viewed in person at Port Jackson Press Gallery (84 Smith Street Collingwood), as part of the exhibition ‘Eclipse’ until Wednesday, March 30th. Or online at

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